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Yellow Monkey Battle!
(Ape Escape 2)
AE2 Yellow Monkey Battle Page
Game Ape Escape 2 USA
Previous level Ninja Hideout
Next Level Snowball Mountain
Monkeys Ape Escape 2 Yellow Monkey Icon

Yellow Monkey Battle! is the 10th level in Ape Escape 2 and the 2nd boss battle.


After clearing Ninja Hideout, Jimmy is sent to a makeshift sumo wrestling ring surrounded by spikes in the middle of a corn field. Suddenly, an unusually large and colorful monkey wearing mawashi drops in from above. Turning around, he introduces himself as Yellow, "the sparkling gem of The Freaky Monkey Five". He welcomes Jimmy to his ring and invites him to join in a sumo match. Jimmy is taken aback by his flamboyant personality, and soon discovers that Yellow's invitation is mandatory.

Later, when Jimmy beats the sumo monkey, Yellow complains that he was really hurt, and that Jimmy shouldn't be too proud of winning because he was on a diet, not eating his Vita-Z Bananas, so it wasn't a fair fight. Yellow Monkeys vows that next time, Jimmy better watch out, and he takes off running. Jimmy is too stunned by the experience to react in time, and Yellow escapes.

AE2 Panorama Yellow Monkey Battle

A 360-degree panoramic view of Yellow Monkey Battle, as seen from the window of the Travel Station.
Note: This image comes from the game but is not fully representative of the actual level. (See Trivia)


The sumo ring is outlined by a long, thick rope, with the out-of-bounds section littered with spike traps. The ring itself sits on a large, dusty square platform, bordered by a moat with cobblestone walls. In the background in front of the platform sits a traditional two-story Japanese mansion, and on the opposite side, 6 carnival-style booths and a watchtower, adorned in red and white stripes and paper lanterns. In the corners of the platform stand 4 large wooden poles, also holding paper lanterns, and the poles play an important role in the fight.

Above the ring, suspended in the air and mostly out of sight, is the roof of another traditional Japanese building, adorned with dark blue drapes and large red and purple tassels.


The Spike Field: Spikes deal half of a Cookie's worth of damage.

You can't just simply attack my body: Yellow Monkey's resting phase, which happens between attacks, involves him circling the player and taunting them. Yellow cannot be damaged in this phase, but he will react if they get close.

Body-Bounce: If the player gets too close to Yellow in his resting phase, he will attempt to jump over them and use the front of his body to bounce them away. His jump may appear to be a stomp attack at first, but it won't actually hurt the player, and neither will the body-bounce. But at certain angles, the player can run underneath Yellow by accident, and his bounce can launch the player into the spike field. If the player runs up to him and Yellow tries to jump over, but he is not in range for a body-bounce, he will get spooked and run away.

Rush Attack: Before the rush attack, Yellow will do a shallow jump towards the middle of the ring. If the player is in the way when this happens, they will be stunned but not truly damaged. When Yellow announces "Here I come!", he will charge at Jimmy in a straight line and deal 1 Cookie's worth of damage. If the player dodges, Yellow will zoom past him but stop short of the outside of the circle, barely keeping his balance. This is the only time the player can deal damage. Attacking Yellow Monkey's backside will send him flying into the spike field. Afterwards, he will perform a twirling high jump and launch into either a Butt Slam or a Pole Strike.

Butt Slam: If Yellow performs a twirling high jump towards the center of the ring, he will slam down and create a shockwave that must be jumped over to avoid. Deals 1 Cookie's worth of damage.

Pole Strike: If Yellow jumps over to one of the wooden poles, he will strike it with his palms, causing objects to fall from the roof above. These objects range from ornaments, to metal water troughs, to Porkies, and they are telegraphed by shadows. Falling objects deal half of a Cookie's worth of damage, and so do the Porkies. If the player needs health they can collect Cookies from the Porkies.

Next time you'd better watch out!: The battle will end once the player has successfully dealt:

Damage Amount Gadget
5 strikes Stun Club
7 strikes Super Hoop
10 shots Slingback Shooter (normal)
4 shots Slingback Shooter (explosive)
7 shots Slingback Shooter (guided)
7 strikes RC Car
7 strikes Sky Flyer
7 strikes Bananarang
3 strikes Magic Punch

Time Trial[]

  • Bronze - 02' 35" 00
  • Silver - 02' 15" 00
  • Gold - 01' 55" 00

When going for the Gold medal, it is important to stay away from Yellow Monkey during his resting phase, as smaller fights with him will add seconds on the clock. Stay out of range and let him do his main Rush Attack. The Super Hoop or Rush Attack (Jimmy's R1Icon + R2Icon jump of the same name) can be used to dodge him quickly, and then attack his backside. Using the Super Hoop to attack right after dodging him is not recommended, as the camera's slow turning speed would force you to aim blindly. The Stun Club is all that is needed to get Gold, but the Magic Punch is much faster.


  • Although Yellow Monkey escapes this level on the first playthrough, he can actually be caught with the Monkey Net in Time Trial mode.
  • Yellow's Pole Strike move and final blow animation stops the clock momentarily in Time Trial mode.
  • Yellow Monkey will react to the scent of the Bananarang. He jumps onto it and grabs it with his mouth, squealing as it spins him around. When it returns to the player, Yellow picks himself off the ground and looks at Jimmy, touching his hands to his face and emitting a cartoon heart. This only works once per battle.
  • The Travel Station's view of this level (pictured above), lacks certain details. It only shows 2 out of the 4 wooden poles, and only 3 corners of the platform are visible, implying that it's a triangular shape when it's normally square.
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