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Tubby the Clown
JPG.Apeescape clown
Name(s) Tubby
Gender Male
Allies Specter
Enemies Spike, Professor
Family Specter (Possible Creator)
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Age Unknown
Likes Performing
Dislikes Spike
Appears in Ape Escape NTSC-U Ape Escape On The Loose logo gamescanner
Voice actor(s) America Phil Proctor (OTL)
Europe (Uncredited) (OTL)

"Welcome to my circus!"

The Wind up Clown (also known as Tubby[1], Clown[2], or "a killer clown"[3]) is the circus master at Specter Land and a boss in Ape Escape and Ape Escape: On the Loose. He is the first boss the player encounters in Monkey Madness, followed by Jake. Very little is known about him.


After the Professor and Natalie were kidnapped by Specter, the two of them were locked in separate cages and placed in the middle of two different attractions at the park. The Professor was held up in "Specter Circus", and Tubby guarded the entrance at the top. After a battle with Spike, Tubby fell off his ball and crashed through the top of the cage, landing at the bottom, where he managed to barely maintain consciousness and keep fighting until he exploded.


Enemy Book Description[]

Ape Escape: On the Loose/Ape Escape P[]

"Circus master who's a ball specialist. The ones he throws quickly morph into Bomballoons. He can also balance on them, but don't be surprised if he goes rolling after you himself."



  • Tubby loses his windup key after falling through the roof of the cage.
  • Tubby's origins are unknown, although his windup key could imply that he's a mechanical creation of Specter's, similar to Dr. Tomoki's Teleborgs.


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