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AE3 Water-borg

Water-borgs (also known as Aqua Borgs in PAL regions and ミズボーグ in Japan), are Teleborgs that first appear in Bootown, the seventh level of Ape Escape 3.


NTSC-U/C: Springs up at you out of the water
PAL: First it surfaces, then it charges
Japan: 水面に顔を出したら突進してくるぞ


The design of the Water-borg starts with a salmon pink head sitting on top of a red pod. They have a pink dorsal fin on top of their head and a smaller red fin under the pod, giving them a fish-like appearance. A red snorkeling mask covers their face, with a green lens and a light yellow breathing tube sticking out to their left. Their most notable feature is the large conical drill with 4 rocket fins that spin when the drill does. Like most Teleborgs, they're equipped with a yellow windup key on their backside.


  • They spawn by rising from the depths of large bodies of water.
  • If they don't see the player, they will wander somewhat aimlessly around their territory.
  • If they do see the player, they will make a startled jump and a noise, then try to attack by charging through the water towards them in a straight line while spinning their drill. This attack only deals half a Cookie's worth of damage.
  • Their charge attack has a limited travel distance.
  • Regardless of whether they hit the player or not, they will continue forward until they reach their travel distance and then sink straight down before disappearing.
  • They can only take a single hit from a Stun Club or Slingback Shooter.
  • Water-borgs can respawn indefinitely.
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