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Virus Charu
Name(s) Japan ウイルスチャル (Virus Charu)
America Virus Casi
Gender Female
Allies Pipotron Krack
Enemies Team Spike, Specter
Family Casi (original), Professor (original Creator)
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Age Unknown
Appears in Ape Escape Million Monkeys Logo1
Voice actor(s) JapanTomoko Kawakami

Virus Charu (ウイルスチャル), also called Virus Casi, is a corrupted clone of Casi created by Pipotron Krack.


Virus Charu looks similar to Casi albeit with some difference's. She has pale skin with dark green eyes and with her hair, a much darker shade of green. Her body is covered in black and green markings.


Virus Charu is ruthless and violent compared to Casi, she along with her army have the desire to infect the entire unit of Casi's and kill Spike and co.

Ape Escape: Million Monkeys[]

In Ape Escape: Million Monkeys, the challengers who seemed to be in a carnosity called a virus-infected character to be released by Pipotron Krack. Virus Charu becomes ferocious and attacks either Specter or Spike and co. within the virtual space. The surviving character was outside so they were free from the virus's infection, they later fight the player and a total of 33 Virus Charu's must be defeated in order to progress.

Although she will appear in Colosseum mode, other characters are only dangerous Scorcher and Dark Jake who are atrocious and high offensive abilities, so CPU is the weakest. (Even so, in the point that attributes are attached to gacha mecha, it is common with the above two people)



  • She is the 3rd Ape Escape female antagonist to appear in the series, with the first being Pink Monkey and the second being Pipotron G.
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