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Ultim-ape Fighter! (also known as Fists of Furry in PAL regions) is a fighting minigame featured in Ape Escape 3.

This is not to be confused with "Ukki Gang -- Fists of Furry", the name of the TV program being filmed in the North American version of Kung-Fu Alley.

Ultim-ape Fighter! is a game about a monkey named Ukki Chan (aka Jackie Chimp in PAL regions) who is bent on revenge against his father's attacker.


Ukki Chan's kung-fu master father, Mon-Kinpo, is defeated by a mysterious kung-fu master. Ukki devotes his life to training so that he may someday avenge his father. When he learns that the assailant is one of the eight Monkey Fighters that live scattered across the globe, he begins a long journey to avenge his father...

(After defeating Master Pan)

After a fearsome battle, Ukki Chan defeats the eight Monkey Fighters. However, the one who's responsible for his father's defeat is not among them. Who could it be...? Suddenly, the infamous Monkey Fighter known as the Yellow Guard appears...

(After defeating Golden Mon)

"That technique... the same as Mon-Kinpo's..."

Ukki Chan has finally avenged his father. His fighting days, however, are not yet over. He was born to this life, and will fight on...

The End

Jackie Chimp's kung fu master father, Sammonk Hung, is defeated by a mysterious kung fu master. Jackie devotes his life to training so that he may someday avenge his father. When he learns that the perpetrator is one of the eight Monkey Fighters that live scattered across the globe, he begins a long journey to discover the truth.

(After defeating Tokashi)

After a fearsome battle, Jackie Chimp defeats the eight Monkey Fighters. But none of them was the monkey responsible for his father's defeat. Jackie, wondering how he could have his facts so wrong, suddenly encounters the infamous Yellow Gate Ape.

(After defeating Glit R. Bright)

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武術の天才である父、 モンキンボーを何者かにたおされたウッキーチェーン。彼は強くなるために修行に明け暮れる。そして、父をたおした者が世界各地にいる強者のピポサルファイター8匹のうちの誰かということを知り、父のカタキをうつため旅に出る...


激戦の末、 8匹のピポサルファイターをたおしたウッキーチェーン。しかし、その中に父をたおしたという者はいなかった。「いったい誰が...?」とまどうウッキーチェーンの前に「黄色のモン番」 と怖れられたピポサルが姿を現した...



ついに父のカタキをとることができたウッキーチェーン。しかし、彼の闘いはこれで終らない。さらなる強さを求めて、 これからも問い続けてゆくことだろう...



The minigame is a one-on-one fighter, with the goal of each round being to deplete the life bar of the opponent. This game requires complete control of the analog sticks to move the player and perform moves to attack the opponent. Every available attack is a move used by monkeys from the main game, from the most basic attack, the Scratch, to the strongest, the Backflip Kick.

As Ukki Chan in Single Player, the player has to go through a number of stages, fighting several monkeys on different levels from the main game.

Names in Other Languages[]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese サルティメットファイティング[1]
Sarultimate Fighting
Chinese TBA TBA
Korean TBA TBA
French TBA TBA
German TBA TBA
Italian TBA TBA
Spanish TBA TBA


  • The main character is a clear reference to famous actor Jackie Chan, and can be found on the Kung-Fu Alley level from the main game.


  1. Ape Escape 3 NTSC-J - Japanese Minigame name [1]
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