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Toro Inoue
Dokodemoissyo Toro Inoue Render
Name(s) Japan 井上トロ
Gender Male; Genderless in Japanese media
Age Unknown
Birthday May 6th
Likes Being pampered, his caretakers, helping others
Dislikes Being put into cardboard boxes, being alone, ghosts
Appears in Ape Escape Million Monkeys Logo1 PSABR Logo
Voice actor(s) None (sound effects and text)

Toro Inoue (井上トロ), also known as Toro (トロ) and the Sony Cat, is the main character of the Doko Demo Issyo (どこでもいっしょ, Together Everywhere) series.

In his own series, Toro's wish is to become human, a subject explored in different games he has appeared in. He already seems to live life very much like a human: He has owned an apartment and was evicted, starred on a daily and weekly news program, along with many other adventures. He still, however, meows and purrs on occasion.

In the Ape Escape series, he is a recurring gag character.

He also appeared in the Ape Escape 20th Anniversary Twitter campaign with the Pipo Monkeys.

Biography (Ape Escape Series)[]

Ape Escape: Million Monkeys[]

Another Invasion?![]

Toro and his friends appear as catchable secrets in Ape Escape: Million Monkeys.

During the monkey invasion, him and his friends appeared. They are hidden in nearly every stage and can be found with the Camera Radar.


Toro as he appears in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

Other Appearances[]

Toro appears in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale as a playable fighter.

Toro Games with Ape Escape Appearances[]

Doko Demo Issyo: Let's Gakkou![]

This Doko Demo Issyo game was released in Japan on June 15, 2006. The player follows Toro and his friends in various school-related activities and minigames.[1] The game's name is a pun, with 'Let's Gakkou!' sounding like 'Let's Go!' and 'Gakkou' meaning 'school' in Japanese, so it holds the meaning of 'let's go to school!'. There is an Ape Escape cameo in the game where Pipo Monkeys challenge Toro to a battle in November, with the reward for winning being some Pipo Monkey costumes.[2]

Toro and Friends: Onsen Town[]

Toro and Friends: Onsen Town, known in Japan as Puzzle with Toro (トロとパズル), is a mobile puzzle game that was released on iOs and Android in Japan in 2019 and worldwide in 2020.[3] It's service ended on April 12, 2021 worldwide and on May 10, 2021 in Japan.

The game held a collaboration event with Ape Escape which spanned from September 18th, 2020 until September 30th 2020. This event included limited-time unlockable Pipo Monkey costumes and furniture, as well as a special loading screen containing Pipo Monkeys.[4]


  • Toro's family name originated from a debugger called Toro 'Inoue' (井上 Inoue).
  • His favorite foods are chūtoro, oratosquilla oratoria, and nattō rolls.
  • While he doesn't appear in Ape Escape 2001, his game was bundled with AE2001 in a Happy Meal disk in Japan.


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