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Gender Female
Family Tsukushi (Sister)
Haru (Grandmother)

Tohko (トウコ, Touko) is a charater in PlayStation Move: Ape Escape. She is a scientist who lives with her younger sister Tsukushi next door to Hero.


Tohko has long, straight black hair and wears a blue scarf on her head. She wears a short white lab coat with a small purple shirt, short jean shorts and green rainboots.


Tohko is somewhat of a sassy girl compared to her sister. Tsukushi is more caring, while she has somewhat of a "tough love" personality. Despite this she really means well to Hero.


Tohko and Tsukushi arrived to Hero's house after an U.F.O. crashed into it, and gave him a Monkey Net to catch the monkeys. The twins told Hero that their grandmother, Haru, was the original owner of the monkeys. One day, a monkey named Specter mysteriously disappeared, and she built a machine to find him again. Before its completion she disappeared as well. The device also had the ability to travel through time. The twins pleaded for Hero to help them catch all the monkeys, and although he was doubtful at first, he agreed to help them.


  • Her personality is similar to Natalie's.