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Thumbelotchi is the seventeenth Monkey Fable in Ape Escape 2[1][2].


Part 1[]

Once upon a time, there was a tiny little Pipotchi who was just three centimeters tall. He was called Thumbelotchi, and he travelled by boat from land to land, armed with a needle. He was a brave little Pipotchi, who punished evil wherever it was found. More than punished, actually -- he crushed it -- and without ever saying a word.

Part 2[]

It was even rumoured that on occasion people who were not at all evil got in the line of fire, but despite that he was generally well-liked across the land. One day Thumbelotchi was sailing round and round in his boat as usual, when he spotted a beautiful princess who was being pursued by a giant monkey. Within seconds, Thumbelotchi, without uttering a word, moored his boat.

Part 3[]

He may have been small, but his reputation was well-deserved. As soon as the princess saw Thumbelotchi coming off the boat, she pleaded to him for help. The giant monkey, disgusted by the popularity of such a puny fellow, attempted to crush the tiny thing with a stamp of his foot. But the daring Thumbelotchi would have none of it. He deftly dodged the attack, and then proceeded to climb right up the monkey's leg.

Part 4[]

Thumbelotchi dived inside the monkey's pants, and poked and poked -- poked at the front, and poked at the back. The giant monkey was in agony, and threw off his pants, and ran away as fast as he could. The princess, now safe from harm, searched inside the giant monkey's pants, and found Thumbelotchi, along with a great treasure - a Wish-granting Monkey Helmet.

Part 5[]

When the princess shook the monkey helmet, little Thumbelotchi grew and grew and grew. When the princess saw the brave Thumbelotchi in full size, she now knew what had made him so strong. For Thumbelotchi was in fact a Pipo-Mech! And so Thumbelotchi picked the princess up and put her on top of his head, and they set off to defeat evil in unknown lands.

The End


  • Thumbelotchi is likely named after classic fairy tale characters Tom Thumb or Thumbelina.
  • The NTSC-U/C version uses the name "Pipo-Mech"[3], as well as the British spelling of "rumoured"[4] instead of their North American counterparts "Pipobot" and "rumored".


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