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The Wise Monkey is the seventh Monkey Fable in Ape Escape 2[1][2].


Part 1[]

A long, long time ago, there was a monkey named Ookkyu who resided in a temple. One day Ookkyu was up to monkey business in the forest, when the head monk caught him. The head monk managed to used this to trick him into joining the temple, but in fact Ookkyu had an incredible intellect. So much so that even the Shogun himself had taken notice of his sharp mind.

Part 2[]

To be frank, he really didn't give a monkey's butt about what people thought of his intellect, and could more appropriately be described as a loafer than a wise monkey. In any case, one day he was called to the castle by the Shogun as he always was. In his heart of hearts, he would much rather have sat at home twiddling his thumbs, but since this was the Shogun, he felt compelled to take notice.

Part 3[]

When he reached the bridge that led to the castle, there was a sign that read "This bridge shall not be crossed." It would seem that the Shogun had called upon him for a battle of intellect! But as you may have guessed, Ookkyu couldn't care about such matters, and so without skipping a beat, he simply swam across the moat. It didn't occur to him what the Shogun had in mind.

Part 4[]

Ookkyu reached the castle, where the Shogun stood before a painted folding screen, awaiting his arrival. The Shogun told him that every night, the tiger painted on the screen would leap out of the picture and terrorize the castle, and that he hoped Ookkyu would know what could be done about this. Although he kept it to himself at the time, Ookkyu really wondered if the old Shogun was one sword short of a set.

Part 5[]

Of course the Shogun was hoping that he could challenge the famous Ookkyu's intellect, but as Ookkyu hadn't the slightest interest in such games, he pulled a lighter out of his pants, and set fire to the folding screen. The fire grew to a considerable size, causing quite a panic. On the way out of the door, Ookkyu stopped off at the castle vault snatching what he could take, and thus ensuring a comfortable retirement.

The End



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