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The Never Ending Banana is the twelfth Monkey Fable in Ape Escape 2[1][2].


Part 1[]

The monkey princess, who was born from a banana, was well known in the capital as an unparalleled beauty. Monkeys came from across the land to court her. Each day, the wait to meet her was at least five hours long. However the princess already had her heart set upon her true love, and so she turned away each and every one of these hopeful monkeys. Despite this three of them would not give up, no matter what she said.

Part 2[]

In order to make these persistent monkeys give up, she told them she would marry them if they could complete a challenge. She told the first monkey to bring her a banana that would not burn. To the second, a banana that would not break. And to the third, a banana that could be repeatedly eaten but would re-appear.

Part 3[]

The three monkeys, knowing that it was an impossible quest, nevertheless set out in search of their bananas. Three years later, much to the surprise of the princess, all three monkeys returned from their quests. One with a banana that would not burn, one with a banana that would not break, and one with a banana that would always reappear after being eaten. The princess was by now very nervous.

Part 4[]

She tested the first banana. It did not burn. The princess, quite at a loss, decided to gobble up this monkey's banana. Then, she sent him away -- Close, but no banana! Next, she tested the second banana. It was unbreakable. Seeing this, the princess took a deep breath, and swallowed the banana whole.

Part 5[]

Finally, she turned to the never ending banana. Sure enough, it reappeared, once she had finished eating. So the princess ate it again. And again. Years passed, and the princess refused to stop testing this final banana. She ate it again. And again. And still again. By this time, she was huge - far beyond the size of a large ape. Once again she was famous across the land, but for quite a different reason. And once again, the wait to see her was five hours long...

The End



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