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The Monkey Village is the thirteenth Monkey Fable in Ape Escape 2[1][2].


Part 1[]

Deep in the forest, far from human civilization, there was a monkey village. One year, the monkeys were busy collecting bananas in preparation for the coming winter. The leader of the monkeys, Specter, played all day without lifting a finger, only barking orders to all of the lesser monkeys.

Part 2[]

One day, as winter was drawing near, the monkeys harvested the necessary supply of bananas to tide them over the winter months. Just then, Specter arrived, and told them that he would sing for them as their reward. His singing was as bad as his character, but the monkeys, exhausted from work and glad to be finished, were easily drawn in and were glad to join in the party.

Part 3[]

The party lasted for three days and three nights. As the party reached its end, the monkeys noticed the first flakes of snow fall. It was winter. And all they had left was one, single banana. Just one. Snow had just begun falling. How would the monkey village get through this winter? Would they survive?

The End



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