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The Monkey Statue is the tenth Monkey Fable in Ape Escape 2[1][2].


Part 1[]

A long, long time ago, there was an old couple who lived together happily. On New Year's Eve, the old man went to town to sell some monkey helmets so that he could buy rice cakes. The monkey helmets were his grandfather's invention, but they rarely worked well, and as such never really caught on.

Part 2[]

The old man decided to go back home and was quite disappointed he'd sold so few helmets. He took the scenic, snow-covered walk home, carrying the heavy load of monkey helmets. Along the way, he suddenly noticed a row of six little monkey statues by the side of the road. The statues' heads were covered in snow, and looked very, very cold.

Part 3[]

"You must be so cold all the way out here!" As he said that, the old man brushed the snow off their heads, and placed the leftover monkeys helmets on them. Unfortunately there were six monkey statues, and only five monkey helmets. One last little statue was left without cover from the snow, so the old man took off his own monkey helmet and placed it on the statue.

Part 4[]

Finally, the old man arrived home. When he told his wife about the little monkey statues, she looked angry. He was a little apprehensive what this look meant, and even tried to appease her by telling her that she looked very nice in her kimono. However, the old lady was not moved, and stayed silent, although it was nice to hear such a thing once in a while.

Part 5[]

The old lady still seemed upset, but the old man decided to leave her, and let her sleep on it. It wasn't an ideal solution, but you see, this is how people often solve things. After a while, a sound was heard coming from outside. It sounded as it something large had been dropped outside the door.

Part 6[]

When they looked outside, they found a bundle of fashionable women's clothing! Some of them were almost embarrassingly sexy, but they fitted the old lady perfectly. The old man's cheeks turned bright red. "You're such an old fox! You shouldn't have!" "Hmph! It wasn't me!!" And a special feeling entered the air.

Part 7[]

When they looked off into the distance, they could see the light of a single monkey helmet. It seemed as if the little monkey statues had brought the clothes to express his thanks to the old man! Thanks to the little monkey statue, the old man and the old woman were on good terms once again. According to the neighbors, the lights were on until very late that night.

The End


  • Minor typo: Both English versions of the game read "the statue's heads were covered in snow,and looked very, very cold" without a space between "snow," and "and".[3][4]


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