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The Monkey's New Clothes is the eighteenth Monkey Fable in Ape Escape 2[1][2].


Part 1[]

A long, long time ago, there lived an old professor who was a tireless inventor, always hoping to discover something that would become his big break -- but for some reason he never quite succeeded. One day he was in town on some errands, when he noticed a poster that had attracted a great crowd.

Part 2[]

The professor stepped over to the poster which read: "Make me a pair of monkey pants unlike any other, and you shall be rewarded handsomely." This turned out to be a message from King Specter, who wished for a rare pair of monkey pants. The professor saw this as a golden opportunity, and rushed home to begin preparations.

Part 3[]

The professor had a poor eye for fashion, so instead concentrated on originality. He decided that he would create a unique pair of monkey pants that would be visible only to monkeys. This was a great gamble for the professor, for he spent much precious capital on the design of the pants. This decision did however pay off -- after much toiling, he had some fine pants that only monkeys could see.

Part 4[]

Finally the day came for Specter to select the winning pair of pants. Every pair of pants was splendidly designed, and had fine features. To be honest, the professor was quite worried. However the moment Specter set eyes on the professor's pants, he fell immediately in love with these undergarments, and told the professor he had won.

Part 5[]

Specter, very pleased that he had acquired a splendid new pair of pants, gave the professor the promised handsome reward. It was a chest packed full of bright and shining gold. Unfortunately, this was gold that only visible to monkeys. And so the professor returned to life as a humble inventor, just as poor as ever.....

The End


  • This Monkey Fable is a play on the literary folktale The Emperor's New Clothes.
  • The only difference in this story between the NTSC-U/C and PAL versions of the game is that in PAL it reads "bright & shining gold"[3] instead of "bright and shining gold"[4].


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