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The Gold and Silver Bananas is the eleventh Monkey Fable in Ape Escape 2[1][2].


Part 1[]

A long, long time ago, there lived a professor, who was a diligent inventor but despite his talent had always remained poor. One day he went out into the forest, to collect wood as usual. However this time, he came across a beautiful fountain right in the middle of the forest. He'd grown hungry on his walk, so decided it would be nice to have his lunch there.

Part 2[]

The professor finished his lunch, and was about to bite into his wonderful banana dessert, when his hand slipped, and "plop" went the banana, right into the fountain. The professor however, could not swim and so he could do nothing but sob miserably by the side of the fountain. All of a sudden, a beautiful goddess arose from the depths of the water.

Part 3[]

The beautiful goddess asked the professor, "The banana you have lost, was it gold, or was it silver?" The honest professor told her it was neither, and then the fair goddess handed the professor both a gold and a silver banana. The penniless professor was, of course, quite overjoyed with his luck. However, someone other than the professor also knew the secret of the fountain, for a little monkey hiding nearby had witnessed the entire scene.

Part 4[]

The monkey was quite excited to have discovered a fountain that turned one banana into two! Once the professor left, he threw his own banana into the fountain. And sure enough, the beautiful goddess arose from it. "The banana you have lost, was it gold, or was it silver?" Aping the professor, he replied with a shake of his head.

Part 5[]

The kind goddess smiled, and handed him both gold and silver bananas. The monkey was quite thrilled, and he began eating the bananas right then and there. But as you know, one cannot eat a gold or silver banana. The unknowing monkey thought the goddess had tricked him out of his banana. His monkey helmet shone bright red, showing his anger. He took both bananas, and threw them straight at her.

Part 6[]

This made the goddess very, very sad, which you could see in her eyes. She then gave the monkey two real bananas instead. This, of course, made the monkey as happy as can be.The goddess watched the monkey dash away, and was glad that he seemed pleased. But she found it all quite strange. If only he were to sell the gold and silver bananas, he could eat as many bananas as he liked. Oh well, each to his own she reasoned and disappeared from view, a little more confused than before.

The End



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