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The Giant Bananastalk is the nineteenth Monkey Fable in Ape Escape 2[1][2].

This story is not to be confused with Jack and the Bananastalk, another Monkey Fable with a similar name and premise.


Part 1[]

Our story takes place on a hot summer's day, in a monkey village. This village had thus far survived by selling the milk from its cows, but the cows had recently ceased to produce milk. After much debate, the monkeys decided that they had no choice but to sell the cows. A monkey named Jack was charge with the task of herding the cows to town to sell them, and on his way he happened upon an old professor.

Part 2[]

The old professor gave a smooth talk about a newly-discovered bean, and Jack was quite taken in. Before he knew it, he was without one cow, and left with only a single bean in his hand. When he returned, his starving friends gave him quite a telling off. As he was hit and kicked, the mysterious bean slipped from his grip, and landed in the garden. The next day, Jack found a great banana tree growing from the garden, a great bananastalk that extended far into the sky.

Part 3[]

Jack climbed up the bananastalk all by himself, eventually reaching the clouds. There he found bunches and bunches of giant bananas. Thrilled by the sight, Jack quickly sunk his teeth into the juiciest-looking of them. Jack, who was exhausted from both starvation and the scorching summer weather, forgot even about the passage of time, quite lost in his endless feast of giant, aromatic bananas.

Part 4[]

When Jack finally finished every last banana, he went back down the bananastalk, in rather depleted spirits. He reached the ground, and returned to his home. But when he announced his arrival, there was no reply. When he went inside his room, there were two monkeys sitting face to face, long since passed away. The calendar on the wall read December......

The End



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