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Teleborgs are the most common enemy in Ape Escape 3, created by Dr. Tomoki. Throughout the game, many different types of Teleborgs appear, some exclusive to the levels they appear in. All Teleborgs have a yellow toy wind-up key somewhere on their body, usually on their backside. Striking the wind up key will deal bonus damage, often resulting in them exploding after one hit.

List of Teleborgs[]


"Dr. Tomoki's all-purpose mech."

A simple blue robot with yellow eyes, light blue accents and a big white T painted on the forehead. Parody of I, Robot.


"Will summon more and more pals."

A black camera that sits on a white and blue stand.


"Handles the assistant director's role."


"Aki's modified Teleborg."


"Watch out when the drill comes out."


"Will do anything to get a good shot."

Resembles an I-Borg, but wears a red cap and carries a big camera.


"Jump to avoid the shockwave."

Resembles an I-Borg, but wears dark colored armor and carries a big hammer.


"It's hot! Don't get too close."


"One super-speedy pocket picker."

An orange borg with a single wheel for a leg. Has black facial hair and blue eyes, wearing a black beanie and striped top.


"Comes back to live another day."

A Teleborg version of the Porky enemy.


"Run him out of ammo!"

A big green robot with a monkey's face on the main screen. They are controlled by the Pipo Monkeys inside of them.


"Springs up at you out of the water."


"That's one mighty sucker of a nose."

A big orange-brown elephant robot. They are controlled by the Pipo Monkeys inside of them.


"Those twin shooters breathe fire."

A blue borg with a mustache, yellow eyes, and dressed in a Cowboy-themed outfit.


"Drops Teleborgs from mid-air."

A white flying cargoborg with a blue face and yellow eyes.

Monkey Loader[]

"Machinery makes him dizzy."


"That rocket punch is pretty scary."


"Throws stars like bolts of lightning."


"Barrels on through with its big face."


"Known to be a tad hasty."

Monkey UFO[]

"Best to attack from a distance."

In Ape Escape 3, they can stun the player with a beam of hearts. They are controlled by the Pipo Monkeys inside of them.


"Will swing those huge tusks around."

A blue robotic elephant with big tusks. They are controlled by the Pipo Monkeys inside of them.


"Don't get near the spinning blade."

A blue borg with golden yellow eyes and black facial hair dressed in an Arabian outfit. Their blades are scimitars.


"Don't call him Helmetton."

A little pink borg with a metallic spiked shield on its head.


"Can also target you from far away."


"Uses iron claws to slice and dice."

A blue borg wearing chinese attire with giant clawed hands.


"The beast's got a head start."

Parody of Rambo.


"Just a really big coward."

Parody of RoboCop.


"Beware of those quick drop attacks."

Sneaky-borg Red[]

"Steals three times as much usual."

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