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AE3 Tele-robo

Tele-robos (also known as Prompter Robos in PAL regions and テレロボ in Japan), are battle mechs that first appear in Specter TV Studio, the sixth level of Ape Escape 3.


NTSC-U/C: Run him out of ammo!
PAL: Shoot 'til there's nothing left!
Japan: タマ切れをねらえ!


The hull of the mechs are reminiscent of bulky TV studio cameras, with the number 1 on their heads indicating they are Camera 1 of a multiple-camera setup. The mechs are painted in multiple shades of green, bear a Specter TV logo on the left shoulder, and hover a short distance off the ground (about 1 meter) for added mobility. At the head of the mech is a monitor that initially displays a TV test card with SMPTE color bars, but as the player approaches, the image switches to a live camera feed of the monkey pilot inside. On the back of the mech's hip is a yellow windup key similar to those found on the Teleborgs.


  • When confronted by a Robot they will respond by shooting a pair of bulky machine guns mounted on each arm. If the player doesn't charge at them with the Robot immediately, they will fire large black bullets on either side of the Robot, anticipating the player to strafe into them. They will fire 16 shots before stopping to reload.
    • Despite having the appearance of a magazine capacity, this is just the duration of this particular attack.
    • Each bullet deals one Cookie's worth of damage.
  • If the player engages them on foot and gets too close, they will shoot light blue energy blasts from holes located further down where their "knees" would be.
    • These blasters can fire indefinitely without reloading.
    • Each shot from a blaster deals one Cookie's worth of damage.
  • If the Tele-robo takes damage, it will spin around two and half times (or 900 degrees) in a clockwise direction while firing its machine guns.
  • Although presented as a major obstacle for the player in a Robot, they are still vulnerable to Morph attacks and the windup key is vulnerable to ordinary Gadgets.
  • A defeated Tele-robo will explode and leave the pilot stunned on the ground, surrounded by a huge pile of Coins and Morph Energy units, as well as some Cookies.



  • While the European English name "Prompter Robo" suggests that they're based on teleprompters, the Japanese concept art (pictured above) reads "TVカメラをモチーフ" (TV camera motif).
  • Like the Monkey UFO and Mammoth-robo, these enemies are technically vehicles and don't show any outward signs of autonomy like the Teleborgs, but they nevertheless appear as Teleborg Cards.
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