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Super Monkey is the final morph acquired in Ape Escape 3. It is unlocked after defeating Specter and allows the player to find secret monkeys in every level besides boss levels.


This morph is used to unlock the secret areas of Ape Escape 3. The morph can detect the scent of bananas and follow it to secret backstage areas with at least 4 monkeys. You can knock on the door by pressing R3. Additionally, moving the right analog stick can be used to wave at monkeys, and alert monkey will return to a docile state after being waved at. Spinning the right analog stick will make you dance, which monkeys will mimic.

It isn't possible to catch monkeys in this form, but you can still cause damage to enemies or items by stomping or knocking.


Kei and Yumi have identical costumes. The costume is identical to the normal yellow pants monkeys aside from the zipper on the back, the morph gear on the wrist, and the face visible from the costume's mouth.


  • This morph serves as a replacement for the Magic Punch, as it reveals things that are only accessible after defeating Specter the first time.
  • The theme song for Super Monkey is called "Piposaru's Theme" (ピポサルのテーマ)[1], and originates from the credits of the first Ape Escape. The theme would be explored further in Ape Escape: Pumped & Primed, where it contains lyrics, as well as a "Tahiti" remix. Another jungle-themed version would appear shortly after in EyeToy: Monkey Mania. Super Monkey's rendition is most similar to the karaoke version from Pumped & Primed.
Piposaru's Theme
  • In the Japanese version, a glitch can be performed where the player knocks in mid-air and then is able to jump again, which is infinitely repeatable. This allows for players to fall out of bounds in the training room and get infinite height anywhere.


Super Monkey Kei


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