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Used By

Spike, Professor, Natalie, Jake, Casi, Specter, Pipo Monkeys, Jimmy, Helga, Pipotrons, Dark Jake, Dark Specter, Pipotron G, Virus Casi, Kei, Yumi


To stun Pipo Monkeys, activating switches, fighting off enemies or breaking minor objects

Not to be confused with the Pumped & Primed mode Stunclub.

The Stun Club, known in Japan as the Mechanical Bo (メカボー), is a gadget given to the player/main character at the beginning of the game. Much like the Time Net, its very valuable and has many uses in-game.

The Stun Club's primary function is to momentarily 'stun' apes, as well as activating switches, fighting off enemies or breaking minor objects.

Besides thrusting it in a simple direction, if one spins their analog sticks clockwise or counter-clockwise, it will make the player spin around with it.


The handle of the Stun Club resembles the one seen on the Time Net. At the very top is a small piece of metal with glowing blue energy coming out of the opposite end.

In Ape Escape 3, Yumi was given one that differed largely in appearance. The handle is white with red and gold markings, while the rod/glowing part is pink-red colored. Kei's resembles the more traditional short-sword. The weapon will change appearance when corresponding to one of the character's transformations.

In the anime, it appears slightly different in shape and with a different name, but serves the same purpose.


Designs + Sprites[]

With Characters[]

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale[]


  • The Stun Club are actually based off of Star Wars' Lightsabers.
  • In Ape Escape, if Spike is shocked, the Stun Club's glowing segment will turn a deep blue color.

See Also[]

  • Stun Blade, a stronger version of the Stun Club.
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