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Spike (~On Air~)
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Spike, known in the anime as Kakeru (カケル), is the main hero of Ape Escape: -On Air- and Ape Escape: -On Air- 2nd.


In Ape Escape ~On Air~ he is seen wearing a similar outfit to what he wears in Ape Escape, but with slightly more details, a black long sleeved shirt underneath his usual red shiry, and gray & white shoes.

In Ape Escape ~On Air~ 2nd, Spike's outfit has changed to his Ape Escape: Million Monkeys outfit. He wears a white hoodie with red highlights and a zipper down the center, light blue jeans, white & black shoes and a pair of goggles on his head.


Spike is very similar to his game counterpart, but he is a big fan of Helga. He was willing to wait in line all day just to see her for her autograph. As he had to leave to capture a few loose Pipo Monkeys, Helga exited the building and noticed how sad he was. She then decided to personally sign his shirt. Since then, the two have become fast friends and he often helps her with no questions asked.

The only weakness he seems to possess is how simple-minded he is, especially in comparison to everyone else who hints at finding this to be an annoyance. Spike despises schoolwork and never wants to do it, but due to being such a lover of food, he can easily be swayed by a decent treat.

Spike also shows genuine concern for the apes when they are in harm's way, such as crying when he thought a baby ape died by falling off a cliff, only to learn it was a trap.