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Ape Escape/On the Loose[]

Spike on the loose

Spike's ready to catch some monkeys.

Spike was racing with Jake to see who could make it to the Professors's lab first, when suddenly they had been transported back in history along with Specter and the apes. Due to this, he is chosen by the Professor to protect the past and future by capturing all the monkeys and Specter. Later in the game, he manages to save a mind-controlled Jake from his hypnosis and eventually captures Specter and returns him to his trainer from Monkey Park.

Ape Escape 2001[]

Spike appears one day in the Lab, when the Professor gets a call from the Government about the sanitation issue at Monkey Park. Specter has made all the monkeys' pants dirty and Spike has to wash them by stealing them from the monkeys using the Nuggetcher.

Ape Escape 2[]

Spike appears in Ape Escape 2 in various cameo appearances and flashbacks. He is physically seen in the final cutscene, where he visits the Professor's lab after not seeing the Professor and Natalie for a while. He then welcomes Jimmy and Pipotchi after they crash their space ship into the lab.

Ape Escape 2 Spike

Spike in Ape Escape 2.

After catching all 300 monkeys and defeating Specter both times, Spike can be unlocked as a playable character by holding L1 and pressing "New Game" at the main menu.

Spike also appears as the protagonist in the final Monkey Fable titled "Nightmare Scenario".

Ape Escape: Pumped & Primed[]

Spike, Natalie, Casi and the Professor join the High-Tech Tournament held in a virtual world. Helga, the previous champion, is on an important mission to find a disk based on her father's research, hidden in the trophy. The Pipo Monkeys and Team Monkey also join the duel to win the tournament under Specter's command to gain power. Jake promised to join the tournament with Spike, but went under Specter's control once again and became a boss. Jake fights Spike three times in different styles, and Specter does the same.

At the end of the tournament, the Pipotrons steal the trophy and discover the disk. The Pipotrons give it to a super computer virus called Grid Core, who plans to conquer the world. After obtaining the disk, it decided that the regular three Pipotrons were useless and left them on their own. The villain introduces a new Virus-Tech Tournament, where the characters are fighting for their very lives while getting closer to Grid Core. Along the way they go against Super Pipotrons who are 100 times more powerful than the original ones. The last few bosses before the villain are Dark Jake and Dark Specter. When you reach Grid Core and defeat him, the virtual world turns back to normal.

Ape Escape 3[]


Spike, along with Jimmy and the Professor, appears in the intro of Ape Escape 3 under hypnosis by Specter TV. He is also seen in the end credits with Jimmy smashing a Specter statue. After beating the game once and putting in a code, an ape resembling him named Spork will appear to be caught by Kei or Yumi.

Mesal Gear Solid[]

In the mini-game Mesal Gear Solid, the Professor mentions that Spike, along with Jimmy, Kei and Yumi are at a summer camp which prevented them from helping to stop Mesal Gear.

Ape Escape: Million Monkeys[]

The game is composed of two teams with the same gameplay but different storyline. Team Spike consist of Spike, Jake, Natalie, Casi, and Helga. It begins as they gather in Tokyo and Casi alerts them of the disaster happening in the city. Specter has joined forces with an alien race with a plan to take over the world once more.

It's later revealed that the alien race are actually mutated versions of the "Pipotrons". Spike and co. must destroy any remaining robots and capture the monkeys to restore the world.

Once Specter has been defeated, monkeys run wild throughout the city, and the game takes a turn in a different direction.

Ape Escape: SaruSaru Big Mission[]

Spike is seen trying to convince Natalie to get a dog, with him failing most of the time. He has secretly brought a dog with him that appears to grow huge outside the lab. Specter then appears on a monitor, revealing that he shrunk Spike, Natalie and the lab with his Nano Cannon. He has also kidnapped Jimmy, Aki, Kei, Yumi, and the Professor to prevent them from stopping him. Disguising the lab as a Pipo Helmet, they use it to control the minds of Monkeys in order to rescue the others.