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Ape Escape 3 Specter TV
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Ape Escape 3
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Specter TV (スペクターTV) was a television broadcasting company featured in Ape Escape 3. It was created by Specter with the help of Dr. Tomoki.


Specter TV was founded as a TV Station that played and produced monkey based series and content. Their programs had an effect that paralyzed any viewer that watched the station with Lethargy Energy, causing them to become couch potatoes. Kei, Yumi, Aki, Natalie and Dr. Tomoki were the only humans who did not watch Specter TV and therefore were not affected. Natalie calls Aki and ask Kei & Yumi to catch the monkeys due to the two being the planet's only hope, revealing that Spike, Jimmy and the Professor were also affected by Specter TV. As Kei and Yumi traveled on to defeat Specter, they destroyed the Specter TV Satellites guarded by The Freaky Monkey Five, which slowly turned Specter TV off the airwaves.

When Kei and Yumi reach Dr. Tomoki, he foreshadows Specter's true plan behind Specter TV. The heroes traverse through Space Station SARU-003 stopping all remaining filming on the way. Before initiating a boss battle, Specter reveals that Specter TV was a way to stop the humans from preventing his true plan "Twin Heavens". The idea was to chop the Earth in half with the giant arm of SARU-003, giving one half to Monkeys and the other half for the humans to fight over as he wouldn't be giving it to Dr. Tomoki anymore.

After Kei and Yumi caught Specter, Specter TV was disbanded.


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