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Specter's Wisdom are a series of notes written by Specter. Jimmy can earn them via the Gotcha Box.

List of Specter's Wisdom[]

  1. The proof of a fruit is in the eating. Never judge a banana by its skin!
  2. Like wielding a spear in the toilet. No room to swing a monkey!
  3. A monkey in the hand is better than two in the bush!
  4. Fighting with a curtain is like boxing with one's shadow.
  5. Learning is like a rapid journey...you cannot pause even for a moment.
  6. Monkey see...Monkey do!
  7. You can cover up fire but you can't hide smoke.
  8. Once a word has been spoken, not even four horses can drag it back.
  9. Too numerous to record are the monkeys of ancient times who were rich and noble, yet whose names have vanished away.
  10. If you ask for directions rudely you may end up twenty miles from your destination.
  11. Better to drink the weak tea of a friend than the sweet wine of an enemy.
  12. To catch the tiger's cub, one must enter the tiger's den.
  13. Wise judgment comes when on the toilet. Inspiration strikes in the unlikeliest of places.
  14. Success is three parts genius and seven parts hard work.
  15. If you want to know someone's character, look at the friends he keeps.
  16. If you do not climb the mountains.. you will never get to see the valley.
  17. Return what you have borrowed and you may borrow again.
  18. The blind monkey does not fear snakes. Ignorance is bliss!
  19. The gentleman first practices what he preaches then preaches what he practices.
  20. A wise monkey once spoke thusly, "Better not to know than be wrong" [sic]
  21. Do not drive the tiger from the front door, While letting the wolf get in the back. [sic]
  22. The coward has a dream, the brave man has a vision.
  23. A great monkey is hard on himself, a small-minded monkey is hard on others.
  24. Training to swim on the tatami map is all well and good... but knowledge alone will only get you so far.
  25. No difficulty is insurmountable... if one is determined.
  26. Water may look gentle.. but in time even raindrops will wear through rock. The slow and steady monkey wins the race!
  27. Better to impart a single skill upon a child... than to bestow upon the child one thousand gold coins.
  28. Bananas are always more yellow... on the other side of the fence.
  29. Do not spare the cost of the tether... if it then costs you your cow.
  30. A hundred victories in hundred battles is all well and good, but the virtuous monkey does otherwise. Avoidance is the best defence.
  31. The upright monkey is not concerned... that his shadow is crooked.