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Saru Get You ~On Air~ 2nd (サルゲッチュ 〜オンエアー〜 2nd) is a CGI-animated television anime series produced by Xebec based on Sony's Ape Escape video game franchise. The series aired on TV Tokyo between October 7, 2006 through September 29, 2007. The story loosely adapts storylines and character designs from Ape Escape: Pumped & Primed, Ape Escape 3, and Ape Escape: SaruSaru Big Mission.

It is the second season of Saru Get You ~On Air~. At least two episodes of it are lost forever, as it was only aired in Japan and what remain are low-quality TV rips.


After Kakeru defeated the Neo Pipotrons and captured Specter in the end of season 1, the world entered a time of peace. However, three mysterious monkeys appeared and started wreaking havoc, leading to the revival of Specter and the gathering of the Freaky Monkey Five.


  • Kakeru (Spike): An energetic fourth-grade elementary school student. He is a hero who tries to catch Pipo Monkeys with his Get Net. He has a small crush on Haruka.
  • Professor: A genius inventor who developed the Pipo Helmet, and a friend of Kakeru. Although he has a sense of justice and is a wonderful person, he is also very airheaded and silly.
  • Natsumi (Natalie): The Professor's granddaughter. She always treats Kakeru like a child. She has a victorious and cheerful personality, and supports Kakeru and Hikaru catching monkeys as the laboratory operator. She is the owner of Kuuta.
  • Hiroki (Jake): Kakeru's best friend, rival and classmate in the same elementary school. He is a courteous and cool adolescent boy. He is a rich family's only son and has a very blatant crush on Natsumi.
  • Kuuta: A small white monkey owned by Natsumi. He was turned into Specter by Pipotron J's plan, but turned back at the end of season 1. He stayed himself throughout season 2.
  • Specter: An albino monkey wearing a Pipo Helmet, awakened with supernatural powers and an evil heart. He can speak in human language, and will conquer the world. It's revealed he used Kuuta as a vessel in season 1 before truly emerging.
  • Pipo Monkeys: Monkeys who wore Pipo Helmets and became a little bit smarter. Under the command of Specter, they cause mischiefs and messes around the world.
  • Charu (Casi): A virtual AI-assistant that the Professor developed. She can create a physical body for herself, and mostly helps around the laboratory.
  • Haruka (Helga): A Hi-Tech Robot Battle champion. She was touring conventions around the world, but became friends with Kakeru and the rest and began to stay around more.
  • Pipotron Brothers (Red, Blue, and Yellow): Starting off as antagonists aiding Specter's revival, they quickly jumping sides and become comic relief and support characters. They want to make it big in the world.
  • Ukki Five (Freaky Monkey Five): Specter's elite soldiers who often attempt different tactics and get into many messes in their efforts to crush the protagonists.
  • Satoru (Kei): Appears with his twin Sayaka for a couple episodes, helping the protagonists capture monkeys.
  • Sayaka (Yumi): Appears with her twin Satoru for a couple episodes, helping the protagonists catch monkeys.
  • Akie (Aki): Is the aunt of Satoru and Sayaka and is also a friend of the Professor.


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