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Sarugetchu CoroCoro Comics Manga Vol 7 Cover

Saru Get You CoroCoro Comics (サルゲッチュコロコロコミックス) refers to the Ape Escape yonkoma (four-panel) manga series written by Hideki Goto (後藤英貴), published by Shogakukan (小学館) under the manga label Ladybug Comics (てんとう虫コミックス) and serialized in their magazine Monthly CoroCoro Comic (月刊コロコロコミック) from the June 1999 issue until the October 2011 issue.[1]

Saru Get You Uki Uki Daisakusen[]

Saru Get You Uki Uki Daisakusen (サルゲッチュウキウキ大作戦, Ape Escape Uki Uki Big Mission), is the first Ape Escape CoroCoro series which began serialization in June 1999. Later on, Shogakukan published the manga into a series of 5 volumes under the tag Ladybug Comics Special (てんとう虫コミックススペシャル).[2] The first volume was published on August 1st 2001[3] and the fifth volume was published on January 1st 2005.[4]

Saru Get You[]

This is a continuation of the first series known simply as Saru Get You (サルゲッチュ). Like the first series, it was serialized in the Monthly CoroCoro Comic magazine. This serialization concluded in the October 2011 issue. This manga series was also adapted into a series of volumes consisting of 9 total, each with the tag Ladybug CoroCoro Comics (てんとう虫コロコロコミックス).[5] The first of these volumes was published on July 28th 2005,[6] with the final volume being published on February 28th 2012.[7]




  • Saru Get You (sarugecchu) is the Japanese name for the Ape Escape franchise.
  • Uki (or Ukki) is the Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound that monkeys make and is used frequently throughout the Ape Escape series.
  • Daisakusen translates to 'big mission' or 'large-scale operation'.


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