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The RoboCow enemy is a mini-boss that appears in Ape Escape 2. It is first introduced in Viva Apespania and later appears in Simian Citadel as an enhanced teal coloured variation.

It attacks by charging at Jimmy with its sharp horns.


The RoboCow is a large mechanical bull with long horns protruding from its forehead. The RoboCow in Viva Apespania has a light brown body with a grey underbelly and many grey accents. It has a red forehead with two white stripes below it that run down to its nose. It has a large green button on its backside that will turn black when invulnerable. On the back of the RoboCow is a hatch in which the monkey piloting it can enter and exit. This hatch also has a light on top of it that is reminiscent of that of Peak Point Helmets.

The RoboCow in Simian Citadel looks mostly the same, but with a new colour scheme. Its browns and reds have been swapped in favour of a teal and dark blue palette with some grey accents.


"You'd be surprised how much free time I have"

Level Appearances[]


To defeat the RoboCow you have to hit the green button on its backside three times. In order to do this, the player must outrun the RoboCow using the Dash Hoop Gadget and loop behind it and hit the button. The RoboCow in Simian Citadel is faster than the one in Viva Apespania and cannot be outrun on foot. This new version can even catch up to the player while using the Dash Hoop, so its up to the player to out manoeuvre it rather than simply outrunning it.


  • The RoboCow is seemingly based off of Mechanical Bulls, bull riding simulations found in many countries in which you must stay on top of the Bull for as long as possible.
  • The Bull Fighting Monkey found in the arena with the first RoboCow in Viva Apespania is a reference to Spanish Bullfighting.