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The RoboApe enemy is an enemy that appears in Ape Escape 2. It is first introduced in the Vita-Z Factory level.


It is a large green robot which stands on two legs. It is operated by a Monkey and it has a light on its head which changes color depending on the damage it has taken. It has cylinders on its back which pump as it moves and attacks. Its left hand resembles a pair of pliers while its right hand is blunt and heavy. It doesn't attack with its left hand, however it swings with its right arm to attack, in which case the hand rotates rapidly.


"New weapon with the latest Monkey Technology"

Level Appearances[]


It can only be harmed by Pipobot's swings or the Magic Punch gadget. When Jimmy isn't in the Pipobot it shoots at Jimmy with small rapid bullets, which become harmless if Jimmy inside the Pipobot. While Jimmy is in the Pipobot, the RoboApe can harm it by doing a slow powerful swing with its arm. In addition, it can open its chest to reveal a large laser gun which it can hurt Jimmy or the Pipobot with. The RoboApe can also fly away from Jimmy using its jet thrusters and drop bombs as it leaves. The RoboApe takes 3 hits to defeat, its helmet light turning yellow after one hit, and red after two, with the Robot exploding after three.


  • A Pipobot always spawns where there is a RoboApe.