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Pipotron Meta
Name(s) Meta
Gender Male
Member of Neo Pipotrons
Appears in Ape Escape Million Monkeys Logo1 Saru Get You On Air
Voice actor(s) Japan: Taiten Kusunoki (AEMM), Umeda Kikumi (anime)

Pipotron Meta (ピポトロンメタ) was a member of the Neo Pipotrons that is said to transform into anything. He pretended to be Specter to command the Pipo Monkeys to work for them. He acts as one of the main antagonists for the second half of Saru Get You ~On Air~ season 1, as well as a secondary antagonist in Ape Escape: Million Monkeys.


Pipotron Meta is an odd, floating creature with bulging eyes, puffy lips, and a long dangling tail. It's eyes never look at the same place, similar to a chameleon, right under it's small stubs that make up it's ears. It has bumps and craters all over it's back, seemingly important to it's ability to transform.


Pipotron Meta is a bit of a coward, yet somewhat of a sadistic one, preferring to break his foes psychologically before beating them physically. He can be intimidated if his plans do not go too well, relying on the others of his team to back him up. He has a habit of stalking people, lurking in the shadows disguised as an object in the room.

Saru Get You -On Air-[]

Pipotron Meta debuts in episode 13 alongside Pipotron J, Pipotron G, and Pipotron Krack where they spy on Spike..

In episode 15, Meta caused trouble for Team Spike by disguising as a toy, nudging a firework cannon's angle, setting ablaze to the celebration venue. He witnessed how they would overcome the obstacle he set for them, transforming back into his true form before rendezvousing with the rest of the Neo Pipotrons

In episode 17 the Pipotrons make their move, appearing once Specter is weakened from battling the heroes. After G grabs Specter and places him in his throne, Meta helps hold the chair still. After J introduces himself, Meta is quick to introduce next. With parting promises of future challenges, J lead the team in leaving, each of them phasing out of view.

In episode 18, Meta is present when Krack hacks into the lab's com system, appearing alongside the other Pipotrons. They promise to trade Specter to them if they play in a game they have made. This involves participating in a virtual space consisting of three zones, each with a boss that must be defeated.

In episode 19, Meta's stage is the second zone, specializing in transforming traps. Spike's reflection in a puddle transforms into a pipo monkey that copies his movements, acting and thinking like the original, except they are equipped with nets that turn people into stone. Soon enough, more and more of the copies begin to appear and give chase to Helga and Spike, catching Natalie and Jake, turning them to stone. Seeing them losing against the duplicating swarm, the Professor finds a way to win, transporting Charu in her new android body, saving them. Meta was left so surprised by his stage being cleared that he melted into a puddle.

In episode 23, Pipotron Meta returns alongside the other Neo Pipotrons after Specter's Capture, J offering to return Specter back to his original state as Kuuta. They then revealed a chip that is capable of returning Specter to normal, the price being surviving a gauntlet of 1v1 matches against the imposing simians. If a single match were lost, the chip would be crushed. Agreeing to these terms, Pipotron G and Natalie would square off first. Meta cheered on Krack as the latter began to cheat, summoning a cannon in the stage to shoot Natalie down. Though as G ripped it up from the ground, Meta was frustrated, berating G for throwing away their help. After G's loss, he continued to call him an idiot in the loser's circle.

In episode 24, he appeared briefly after Krack lost, expressing to J his worries about their chances to win.

In episode 25, it was Meta's match against Helga, taunting her before the match to give up before she starts crying. The mech pilot shrugs this off as Meta begins to transform, taking on the image of a giant snake. He asked if she were afraid of snakes, to which she said no. So he transformed into giant centipede and frog, thinking she were afraid of them. Helga responded by labeling him stupid before raining missiles on him with her mech. Meta was surprised a girl wasn't easy to frighten, reverting to a puddle and turning invisible. As Helga frantically looked for him, he slid into the stands undetected, listening into Team Spike's conversation, catching the info that she once was given a stuffed rabbit from her father. Meta let out a laugh before he slinked away to the loser's circle where Krack was sent, asking for an image of the rabbit. He grumblingly obliges, looking through her head and finding the visual of it.

Pipotron Meta returned to the arena, transforming into the stuffed rabbit. He teased that she wouldn't attack him in his now cute form, before she grabbed him with the hands of the mech, squeezing in a death grip. Pretending to die, Meta transformed into a ghost of the rabbit, hoping to terrify her, only for her to state she didn't believe in them, bombarding him with missiles a second time. After a time, he attempted a last time to get her physiologically, transforming into a large cup of ramen, teasing thats what she would eat alone in the house without her father. This struck a chord with Helga, as she began to get overwhelmed by her lonely memories. Spike called out from the stands that she wasn't alone, giving her the strength to get out of Meta's strangle hold, throwing Meta onto the ground. Helga spoke out, saying this was an unrelated battle of psychological warfare, and that they should begin a real fight, that it would be more fun. Meta angrily obliged, transforming into a copy of her mech with his face plastered on it.


Pipotron Meta, transformed as a mech, faces off against Helga

Meta fired rounds from his Mettanic Launcher, blasting Helga's mech. She expertly rode the explosions of the attacks, taking minor blows while propelling herself closer to him in the wake of the explosions. She cut the distance, sweeping in to catch him before he parried with an orange blade he manifested from the hand of his mech. Helga asked if he were having fun, the pipotron being against the thought. Helga continued to offer to be his rival, liking the fair match between them. Meta had enough, firing two rocket punches at her. She anticipated this, knocking it back at him, forcing him to degenerate back to his base form. She said she had fun before going and catching the Pipotron and winning the match

He appeared briefly in the finale, episode 26 after Pipotron J was defeated by Specter and Spike, disappearing with the other Pipotrons as they left the heroes to their own devices.

Saru! Get You! Million Monkeys[]

Pipotron Meta was instrumental in the plan to take Specter's army, transforming into him and impersonating him. This fooled his army into obeying him as the Neo Pipotrons locked Specter out of his Ships and comms. He commanded their forces for a substantial time before Specter barged in his room, defeating him and reverting him back into his base form. Angry that he was defeated, the Mystery Man killed him, the first of the pipotrons to become an ingredient to his serum required to create the blobs.


Japanese Voices: Taiten Kusunoki (AEMM), Umeda Kikumi (anime)


  • Pipotron Meta's species is a Tarsier, according to the official Japanese website for Ape Escape: Million Monkeys.
  • In the anime, he almost always says "Gari" at the end of his sentences.
  • Pipotron Meta is the first Pipotron to die by the Mystery Man.
  • Pipotron has an odd fascination with giraffes, having transformed into a toy giraffe as well as his virtual level having statues of them.