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Pipotron Krack
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Name(s) Krak, Krack
Gender Male
Member of Neo Pipotrons
Appears in Ape Escape Million Monkeys Logo1 Saru Get You On Air
Voice actor(s) Japan: Taiten Kusunoki (AEMM), Takuya Kirimoto (anime)

Pipotron Krack (ピポトロンクラック) (Pipotron Krak) is a Neo Pipotron that acts as one of the main antagonists for the second half of Saru Get You ~On Air~ season 1, as well as a secondary antagonist in Ape Escape: Million Monkeys.


Pipotron Krack is never seen without his twitching eyes, lanky arms, and Toothy grin. He has a hunchback, covered with thick green spines that line it. He boasts two tall ears that stick up on either side of his head, which appears to have a steel plate that is similar in design to the Pipo Helmet. His fur is a deep gray and his skin is a dark verdant green.


Pipotron Krak is a very devious creature who never plays fair. He acts like a mad doctor, creating situations and inventing elaborate obstacles so he can get entertainment from it. He is boastful and self centered, often rambling on about his superiority or genius. He is also quick to irritate when things do not go his way.

Saru Get You -On Air-[]


Krack using his eyepiece

Pipotron Krak debuts in episode 13 alongside Pipotron J, Pipotron G, and Pipotron Meta where they spy on Spike. Pipotron Krack's eyepiece projected readings of the encounter with the boy combating the monkeys, analyzing his strengths and weaknesses from afar, gathering intel for later use.

In episode 17 the Pipotrons make their move, appearing once Specter is weakened from battling the heroes. After G grabs Specter and places him in his throne, Krack projects an energy beam from his eyepiece, creating a holding shield on it to prevent him from escaping. J appears in the front of them, speaking that he disliked one sided matches, so would keep Specter for themselves for now. J leading the introductions, Krack then introduces himself, as well as G, who can't speak for themselves. With parting promises of future challenges, J lead the rest in leaving, each of them phasing out of view.

In episode 18, Krack hacks into the lab's com system, requesting a connection. After the Professor hesitantly agrees, he is met with the images of the Neo Pipotrons. They promise to trade Specter to them if they play in a game they have made. This involves participating in a virtual space that Pipotron Krack spearheaded the programming on, consisting of three zones, each with a boss that must be defeated. Pipotron J explains that it is up to them weather they Kill them or let them leave the program once it is all said and done. After their challenge was accepted, Pipotron Krack cackles, using his eyepiece to hack into the lab's teleporter, who holographic hands resembling his reaching out, grabbing Spike, Natalie, Charu, and Jake and pulling them into the virtual world.

From episodes 18-20 The Neo Pipotrons looked on, getting entertainment from watching the heroes play their game. Clearing G's, Meta's, and finally J's stages. As the final stage wrapped up, Pipotron Krack was shocked to see that Specter had escaped his prison whilst they were distracted with their game. Upon hesitantly returning the four protagonists back to the lab, J proposes to fight them directly next, which Krack agrees, stating it is boring just watching.

In episode 23, Pipotron Krack returns alongside the other Neo Pipotrons after Specter's Capture, J offering to return Specter back to his original state as Kuuta. After being told by Spike that they would do anything for a friend, including save Specter, Krack simply chuckled, asking if they'd really go far for such things. They then revealed a chip that is capable of returning Specter to normal, the price being surviving a gauntlet of 1v1 matches against the imposing simians. If a single match were lost, the chip would be crushed. Agreeing to these terms, Pipotron G and Natalie would square off first. Despite his own rules he established, Pipotron Krack cheated, interfering with the match by summoning a cannon to shoot Natalie off of the tower she was climbing. This enraged G, who ripped it out of the ground and tossed it aside. Krack was stunned, irritated that G wanted to have a fair fight. After G's defeat, Krack insulted them for refusing his help.

In episode 24 it was the second matchup: Pipotron Krack vs Jake. The challenge was a race, with a Gotcha Net at the end for the winner to use on the loser. Krack revealed that kart races were his favorite pastime, making it his strength amongst strengths. After Jake insists on winning, he fantasizes on receiving a reward kiss from Natalie. However, his fantasy was hijacked by Pipotron Krack, who replaced Natalie in his fantasy with a monkey, much to Jake's disgust. Krack cackled, revealing his power to project special virtual images in other's heads. It is quickly revealed that Krack has a big advantage: he can manipulate the stage at will, creating crowds, obstacles, traps, and shortcuts. After taking a big lead over Jake, one of his tires pops, so he spawns in a pit crew and his own private rest stop, taking his time as he believes he has Jake will never catch up. Much to his surprise, Jake manages to fly past him seconds later. Now in last place, Krak pulls his last dirty trick: creating a detour for Jake in the side of a passing hill. After Jake falls for the detour, Krack flies into first place. After falling off a bridge in the detour, jake loses consciousness before the Professor sends in positive reinforcement in the form of Natalie in Jake's head, promising a reward if he were to win. Reinvigorated suddenly, Jake snaps to, flying off course and making his own route, battering his Kart. He then erupts from the ground right as Krack is to win, snatching the net before his foe could, catching the ape. This sent him to the Loser's circle with Pipotron G.

During the Meta's fight in episode 25, The transforming enemy slinked away to the loser's circle where Krack was sent, asking for psychological dirt on his opponent, Helga. He grumblingly obliges, giving him images of her past as projected from his eyepiece.

He appeared briefly in the finale, episode 26 after Pipotron J was defeated by Specter and Spike, disappearing with the other Pipotrons as they left the heroes to their own devices.

Saru! Get You! Million Monkeys[]

Krak M&M

Krack plotting with the Mystery Man

He was first seen alongside the rest of the Neo Pipotrons on the deck of one of the invading airships, right to the side of Pipotron Meta, who was disguised as Specter at the time. He was in league with the Mystery Man, acting as the technical mind in the group. They lead an uprising that fooled the majority of Specter's army, taking near complete control of his forces. After Pipotron Meta was discovered and defeated by Specter, Mystery Man killed Meta, much to Krack's dismay. Later, Spike and Specter's teams were separated, caught in a Virtual Space Trap which gets them stuck inside a virtual world. This was revealed to be Pipotron Krack's doing, who created altered variants of Charu titled Virus Casi to stop Spike and Specter from getting to the Grid Core, playing intercept to halt their progression. After this failed to stop them from destroying Grid Core, Mystery Man was quick to berate the primate before he disposed of him, converting him into violet colored serum that would later be used to create the alien race of Blobs.


Japanese Voices: Taiten Kusunoki (AEMM), Takuya Kirimoto (anime)


  • Pipotron Krack's species is the Lar Gibbon, according to the official Japanese Ape Escape Million Monkeys website.