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Pipotron J
Pipotron J
Name(s) J
Gender male
Member of Neo Pipotrons
Likes A challenge, Entertaining battles
Dislikes A one sided match
Appears in Ape Escape Million Monkeys Logo1 Saru Get You On Air
Voice actor(s) Japan Masaki Tersoma Saru Get You On Air

Pipotron J (ピポトロンJ) is the leader of the Neo Pipotrons and a major antagonist of the Ape Escape series. He was the main antagonist for the second half of Saru Get You ~On Air~ season 1, as well as a secondary antagonist in Ape Escape: Million Monkeys.

Saru Get You -On Air-[]


J ordering Krak to spy on Spike

Pipotron J debuts in episode 13 alongside Pipotron Krack, Pipotron G, and Pipotron Meta where they spy on Spike. Pipotron J leads the group, ordering Krack to use his eyepiece to project readings of the encounter with the boy combating the monkeys, analyzing his strengths and weaknesses from afar, gathering intel for later use.

In episode 17 the Pipotrons make their move, appearing once Specter is weakened from battling the heroes. After the others secure Specter, J cuts off spike from interfering. He interrupted the fight because he disliked one sided matches, and so he would keep Specter for now. He followed up with this, asking if Spike was looking for interesting matches, promising to see him again in the near future. He then lead the rest in leaving, vanishing from the scene.

In episode 18, The Neo Pipotrons access the coms of the lab, contacting the heroes. J promises to trade Specter to them if they play in a game that he and the others have made. This involves participating in a virtual space that Pipotron Krack spearheaded the programming on, consisting of three zones, each with a boss that must be defeated. Pipotron J explains that it is up to the pipotrons weather they kill the heroes or let them leave the program once it is all said and done. After their challenge was accepted, Pipotron J nods, commanding Pipotron Krack to show his power, hijacking the lab's transporter to grab Spike, Natalie, Charu, and Jake and pull them into the virtual world.

From episodes 18-20 The Neo Pipotrons looked on, getting entertainment from watching the heroes play their game. J found amusement in their failures along the way, commenting on the strengths of G and Meta's stages, which reflected their powers. Eventually, G's, Meta's, and finally J's stages were cleared. This impressed J, who hadn't actually excepted them to go that far. Krack and Meta informed him that during the challenges, Specter had broken out of his prison. This made J yell out the white monkey's name as Specter escaped into the night. Upon hesitantly returning the four protagonists back to the lab, J proposes to fight them directly next time they meet.

In episode 23, Pipotron J returns alongside the other Neo Pipotrons after Specter's Capture, J offering to return Specter back to his original state as Kuuta. J asked why he would go so far for a single monkey Spike responding that they would do anything for a friend, including save Specter. J simply responded under his breath that humans were interesting life forms. J then revealed a chip in his hand that was capable of returning Specter to normal, the price being surviving a gauntlet of 1v1 matches against the imposing simians. If a single match were lost, the chip would be crushed. Agreeing to these terms, He ordered Pipotron G to enter the first round, where she and Natalie would square off first. J went on to explain the rules of the match, which was an obstacle course. first one to the top of the tower and claimed the Gotcha Net would be the winner. Upon Natalie winning upon using G's mercy against her, J spoke that Humans were despicable, yet the game got more interesting.


J staring down Spike

In episode 26, after Meta's defeat. J stood in the center of the area, awaiting the last match against Spike. The rules were simple: First one to catch the other with the net wins. The net was placed directly in front of Spike while J stood at the other end of the arena. He also gave Spike a tactical thruster pack, stating it wouldn't be interesting without this. As soon as Spike reached for it, J rushed faster than the eye could see, snatching the net and stopping on a dime, blowing Spike tumbling back from air displacement. J gets angry, upset that even with a jet that Spike couldn't grab the net first, that the match wasn't interesting at all. As he was about to catch Spike, he stopped, saying it was too soon to end it. He made an amendment to the match: If Spike managed to snatch the net from him, them he wouldn't catch him. He them taunted Spike, saying if he ever wanted to stop, he would need to plead "I've given up, please come get me." Spike accepted the challenge, dashing for the net again and again, J countering and blocking him at every attempt. J then raced from one side of the stage to the other, doing a single blow per pass. the speed of these attack prevented Spike from even falling to the ground before suffering another blow. After reading a pattern in J's movements, Spike dodged the next attack, speaking to J that humans and monkeys could live in peace. J remained unconvinced, saying in the place of Specter that humans would always deem themselves superior, and that peace was impossible.

In an effort to break Spike's spirit, J crushed the Kuuta chip before their eyes. Spike was still defiant. He refused to give up, and told J that he would beat him in this battle and bring Kuuta back anyway. J declared that from this point on, it would be a real fight to the death, transforming the net into a broadsword. He revealed he was waiting for Spike to say he was going to beat J, now curious to see him try. Spike proceeded to fire plasma shells from the tactical jetpack, although they seemed to not do any damage to J. Narrowing his gaze, J slashed and destroyed the jet pack. He said goodbye to Spike before striking down for the fatal blow. Thats when Specter intercepted with his own cutlass, blocking the fatal blow. Specter revealed that he would be the one to kill Spike. Interested in this surprise development, he allowed it, Specter appearing to run the boy through with his sword. Specter distracted J with conversation, asking if he had fun with the final match. Now that J was distracted, Spike drew the blade, which was wedged between his arm, and shot the blade at Pipotron J, defeating him in a single blow. Specter revealed that he joined the side of the heroes before he had suddenly been overcome by his helmet, reverting back to Kuuta. J was confused, not thinking the reversion was possible without the chip. It was then revealed that Specter had willingly reverted back after seeing the good deeds that Team Spike had done for all the monkeys they had captured along their journeys, ignoring danger to themselves, having a change of heart.


J says his farewells

Spike offered J a hand up, but J refused it, wanting the boy to kill him instead, as its the best way to end a battle. Spike disagreed, saying the battle had already been over. J took a moment to understand this mercy before accepting the hand, though he warned that for letting him go, there may be a day that he would regret it. Spike assured him he wouldn't, and that he would try his hardest to forge a future for both races. J left with the other Pipotrons, saying that he would hold him to those words, and that he had only lost to that smile.

Saru! Get You! Million Monkeys[]

Pipotron J is in league with the Mystery Man, a mad scientist who's goals line in using Grid Core to conquer the planet. To do so, they need resources, so he makes a plan to use Pipotron Meta's unique biology to make him impersonate Specter, locking the original out of their fleet's systems and coms. During this hostile takeover, nearly all of his forces were fooled by this slip.

After the original Specter found and defeated Meta, the Mystery Man was not impressed, killing his injured ally and converting him into a mysterious purple substance. G angrily lashes out at the man, but J grabs his arm, his eyes glowing to intimidate the Gorilla, who sadly backs down.

Later, J watches silently while The Mystery man argues with Pipotron Krack over his failure, killing him in the same way as Meta. Having had enough, he dedicates to action. He gripped the mystery man by the neck, hoisting him off the ground. The man triggered the ships systems to shock and kill J, who tanked the shocks, bringing the man close to his chest as he gave him a taste of his own medicine. As the ship went down over the ocean, J was assumed to have died when the Blobs released.



  • Pipotron J's species is the Ring-tailed lemur.
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