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Pipotron G
Gender Female
Allies Neo Pipotrons, Spike, Natalie, Casi, Professor
Enemies Mystery Man
Family Mystery Man (Creator), Pipotron Meta, Pipotron Krack, Pipotron J, Pipotrons (Unknown)
Age Unknown
Likes Her brethren, Spike and his friends
Dislikes Mystery Man, seeing people get hurt
Appears in Ape Escape Million Monkeys Logo1
Saru Get You On Air
Voice actor(s) Japan Taiten Kusunoki (AEMM), Shinichi Namiki (anime)

Pipotron G (ピポトロンG) is the biggest member of the Neo Pipotrons.


Loving Mother[]

Pipotron G was once a loving gorilla who lived in the jungle with her family. She was torn away from her children when the Mystery Man captured her. She was turned into a Neo Pipotron, and worked for him obediently.

Ape Escape: Million Monkeys[]

Joining Team Specter[]

After Specter appeared, she joined Team Specter, not having the heart to see her fellow Neo Pipotrons killed by the Mystery Man.


She sacrificed herself to save Natalie and Casi from falling debris, getting buried underneath the rubble.

Return for the High-Tech Tournament[]

Despite her apparent death, she makes a surprised return to participate in the High-Tech Tournament.

Other Appearances[]

Saru Get You ~On Air~[]

Pipotron G is one of the 4 Neo Pipotrons sent to get Specter. She is kind and caring, and helps Natalie even when they are competing against oneanother.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale[]

Pipotron G makes her English language debut in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Pipotron G is one of the apes summonable by Spike's Monkey Radar (Down + Circle). She appears when the attack is fully charged. Pipotron G will do three punches, then roar if used on the ground, and smash the ground if used in the air. It is one of Spike's moves that gain the most AP.



  • Pipotron G's species is a Gorilla.
  • Pipotron G is the only member of the Neo Pipotrons to be a female, as well as the only female Pipotron.
  • According to the official Japanese site for Ape Escape: Million Monkeys, there was supposed to be a cutscene where G got rescued from the rubble, but it never made it into the game.
    • The cutscene could have explained why G was able to be in the High-Tech Tournament in Coliseum Mode.
  • PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is Pipotron G's English debut.
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