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Pink Monkey Battle! (Ape Escape 2)
AE2 Pink Monkey Battle Page
Game Ape Escape 2 USA
Previous level The Blue Baboon
Next Level Enter the Monkey
Monkeys Ape Escape 2 Pink Monkey Icon
Enemies Introduced The Bombettes

Pink Monkey Battle! is the 14th level in Ape Escape 2 and the 3rd boss battle.


After clearing The Blue Baboon, Jimmy is transported to a tropical-themed waterfront concert. Immediately he is greeted by Pink Monkey over the microphone, as though he came to see her performance, much to his confusion. She thanks "everybody" for coming, although no one else is visible, and begins singing, but not before adding an ominous "NO ESCAPE!"

Later, after fighting Pink to a standstill, she scolds him for ruining her debut after she was looking forward to it for so long. "What gives you the right to ruin a monkey's dream?!" Jimmy, who was only there to stop a henchman of Specter, is still confused and has no response. Pink assumes it was personal and that Jimmy must have been jealous of her fame. Turning spiteful, Pink takes this as her last chance to become a star and launches into a super-powered rage.

Eventually the battle comes to a close, and Pink Monkey is left to weep on-stage before Jimmy catches her.

AE2 Panorama Pink Monkey Battle

A 360-degree panoramic view of Pink Monkey Battle, as seen from the window of the Travel Station.


Phase 1:
The concert is set at a sunny outdoor water park next to some wooden shacks with thatched roofs, beach chairs, and umbrellas, similar to the resort at The Blue Baboon. The music stage sits in the water on stilts behind two large, yellow water slides that pass through enormous Pipo Monkey heads. Although the origin point of these water slides is unclear, they both deliver pink flower platforms with The Bombettes dancing on top. As the flowers reach the edge of the pool, the Bombettes jump off before the platforms drift underneath the walkway and over a waterfall out of the pool. The central lane leading to the stage is lined with yellow pool dividers and eight palm trees in brick planters.

AE2 Pink Monkey Battle - Stage

The floor of the stage sports many colors and an arrangement of yellow stars. Behind Pink Monkey stands an LED screen with columns of alternating warm and cold colors in a chevron pattern, where the warm columns appear to scroll up and the cold ones scroll down. In front of it hangs a banner with the title of the song. Two lavender-colored speakers on either side play the music, which are capable of blasting Jimmy off the stage.

Phase 2:
In this phase, the water slides have stopped flowing, the flowers are gone, and the pool is drained of water. Half of the pool is now missing as though it physically broke off and fell into the abyss, leaving behind large cracks and concrete chunks. The sunny sky has turned to a dark blue evening, and the pattern on the LED screen is moving faster.


Phase 1[]

The Bombettes

Pom-Pom Bombers: Pink's dancing Bombettes deal half of a Cookie's worth of damage and will destroy the flower platforms in a single burst. The Bombettes become more of a threat if Jimmy is stunned and unable to escape them.

Flower Power: The flower platforms are constantly flowing downstream, making the jump to Pink Monkey unpredictable. They can, however, be traversed more quickly by using the Rush Attack (R1Icon + R2Icon) as a long jump. New flowers will float down from one of the two water slides as they are destroyed.

Heart Attack: At a distance, Pink Monkey will fire pink hearts at Jimmy, stunning him and requiring the player to spin the right analog stick to shake him out of it. Jimmy can also be stunned in mid-air, causing him to miss a jump. If Jimmy gets too close, Pink will fire a horizontal spread of hearts from her microphone, and if stunned, Pink will try to whack him with it, dealing one Cookie's worth of damage.

Heckler Resistance: In the 1st phase, firing the Slingback Shooter at Pink before reaching the stage will cause her to yelp but not take any damage, regardless of ammo type. However it does become effective once the player is on stage. The same applies to the Bananarang and RC Car, although Pink doesn't yelp at the car and just ignores it entirely.

Sonic Blast: The lavender speakers on either side can blast Jimmy off the stage if he sticks around too long after attacking Pink Monkey. This makes him have to repeat the journey back to the stage. However, the player can reduce the effects of the speakers by jumping in the water ahead of time with the Rush Attack jump and swimming out of their range, resulting in a shorter return trip.

No Turning Back Now: The first phase of the battle will end once the player has successfully dealt:

Damage Amount Gadget
3 strikes Stun Club
5 strikes Super Hoop
6 shots Slingback Shooter (normal)
3 shots Slingback Shooter (explosive)
5 shots Slingback Shooter (guided)
4 strikes RC Car
5 strikes Sky Flyer
5 strikes Bananarang
2 strikes Magic Punch

Phase 2[]

Personal Space: Pink's shield deals one Cookie's worth of damage. She only lowers the shield after attacking Jimmy at long-range, slumping over in exhaustion. Once Jimmy is on stage, there is a short window where he can attack before she re-engages her shield. At close-range, Pink will hover evasively around the stage and try to fire a horizontal spread of dark blue energy, dealing one Cookie's worth of damage. If Jimmy is able to land a blow, Pink will blast him off the stage with the speakers.

Yeah, right!: Just like Heckler Resistance, Pink is immune to projectiles fired from off the stage in the 2nd phase, only this time she dodges them outright and cancels out of her vulnerable, exhausted state to begin her next attack.

Celebrity Influence: In the 2nd phase, Pink Monkey can summon bouncy objects from behind the stage to throw at the player.

  • A giant toy jack - Will home towards Jimmy.
  • Four beach balls - Will slightly home towards Jimmy.
  • Three toy dolphins - Don't home towards Jimmy at all.

These attacks deal one Cookie's worth of damage.

Backup Dancers: Pink can also summon more of the Bombettes from the water slides and toss them at Jimmy. The Bombettes have a chance of dropping Cookies, so this is the only time the player can regain health. The likelihood of this happening increases when the player is below 4 cookies. Players running for health should attack them quickly or they will explode.

Power Trip: Another one of Pink's attacks is sending waves of electricity across the floor of the pool. These waves come in two sets of three, followed by one final wave. The first two waves in a set can be dodged with a single jump, and the third wave by a double jump. But the final wave is the biggest and requires the Sky Flyer to avoid damage. Each wave deals one Cookie's worth of damage.

Pink's True Colors: The second phase of the battle will end once the player has successfully dealt:

Damage Amount Gadget
3 strikes Stun Club
4 strikes Super Hoop
6 shots Slingback Shooter (normal)
3 shots Slingback Shooter (explosive)
4 shots Slingback Shooter (guided)
4 strikes Sky Flyer
4 strikes Bananarang
2 strikes Magic Punch

Pink Monkey is unreachable with the RC Car in the 2nd phase.

Time Trial[]

  • Bronze - 02' 30" 00
  • Silver - 02' 10" 00
  • Gold - 01' 50" 00



  • The title of her song in English, "Escape The Ape That's in You!", is a play on "Ape Escape".
  • Pink Monkey will react to the scent of a Bananarang. She leans forward and smells it gleefully, but rejects it after a couple seconds. This can only happen once per battle.
  • The banner on stage will change depending on the language the game is played in, but in the music video for "Escape the Ape that's in You" it is always written in Japanese.
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