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Morph Gear
Kei and Yumi with Morph Gear

Appears In

Ape Escape 3

Used By

Kei, Yumi


To allow Kei and Yumi transform in to several forms with different abilities to aid in capturing monkeys and fight off enemies

The Morph Gear is a device available in Ape Escape 3. Developed by Aki, the device is primarily used to change into multiple forms in order to capture monkeys more efficiently.


The Morph Gear is a small, white, octagonal-shaped device with a green crystalline plate embedded in the center, and is worn on the wrist. The green plate glows light and leaves a small trail of light as you run.


The Morph Gear was created to aid both Kei and Yumi in catching the monkeys that were running around the world. The device uses Morph Energy in order to power it and contains six forms that become available over the course of the game. Each form has its own unique attack and capturing style. The device is useless underwater, however, and they will unmorph when having to swim.


Fantasy Knight[]

The Fantasy Knight is the first morph obtained in the game, and possesses great power and defense. Its shield can defend against attacks and projectiles, and its weapon can smash through enemy armor. The Fantasy Knight can also cast a magical field under them that captures up to three monkeys within its range. It also has a special attack that creates very powerful shock-waves that destroy everything within a small area.

Wild West Kid[]

The Wild West Kid is the second morph in the game, and specializes in rifle shooting and pistol gunning on the run. Given that this form is meant for ranged combat, it allows Kei and Yumi to make combo attacks at targets from a distance. Its capturing style is a net shot that captures monkeys from a distance as well. Its special attack is the ability to launch self-guided pellets at multiple targets.

Miracle Ninja[]

The Miracle Ninja is the third morph obtained in the game and specializes in foot movement such as walking on ropes or running on walls. While the Miracle Ninja is not as strong as the Fantasy Knight, its swift movement and speed allows Kei and Yumi to quickly attack enemies and stun them. Its capturing style is by the use of small robotic clones. Its special ability is creating doppelganger robots that fight alongside Kei and Yumi until destroyed.

Genie Dancer[]

The Genie Dancer is the fourth morph obtained in the game, and specializes in summoning a Genie with mystical powers. Although it does not focus on combat, the Genie Dancer can command the Genie to attack enemies for it. The Genie can also use special jars to warp from one to the next, allowing to reach and activate previously inaccessible buttons. Its method of capturing monkeys is firing musical staffs from its maracas. Its special ability is using the genie to make enemies dance, distracting them and leaving them open for attack.

Dragon Kung Fu Fighter[]

The Dragon Kung Fu Fighter is the fifth morph obtained in the games, and specializes in powerful combo attacks. Specifically for combat, the Dragon Kung Fu Fighter is one of the most effective morphs, able to attack enemies at multiple sides. It can also activate special switches with dragons symbols, allowing Kei and Yumi to find hidden secrets. Its method of capturing monkeys is with the use of a nunchuck net that captures multiple monkeys at a time. Its special ability is building up willpower in order to gain a boost in strength, surrounding the morph in a fiery aura and making its attacks stronger.

Cyber Ace[]

The Cyber Ace is the sixth and final morph before the end of the first playthrough. This form specializes in firing lasers that bounce of walls and dashing in midair. While in the air, it can fire lasers in order to keep airborne. Combined with midair dashing allows in to fly for an almost unlimited amount of time. The lasers are powerful enough to blast off the armor of enemies and leave them defenseless. The Cyber Ace can also dash at monkeys as well as other monkeys nearby in order to capture them. Its special ability is creating electric-pulses that attack surrounding enemies.

For Kei, this form is known as the Thunder Ace or Gotchaman.

For Yumi, this form is known as the Princess Ace or Gotchaman Fairy.

Super Monkey[]

The Super Monkey is the seventh and final Morph, obtained after completing the game. It is a bonus morph that allows the player to stroll right by the monkeys without detection. It also allows them to find hidden banana trails and rooms where monkeys like to hide. It cannot capture monkeys, though, and it doesn't have any real methods of attack.


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