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Monkey Yellow
Yellow Monkey
Name(s) Japanウッキーイエロー (Ukī Ierō)
America Monkey Yellow
Europe Yellow Monkey
Langfr-225px-Flag of France svg: Singe Jaune
Germany Gelber Affen
Italy Scimmia Gialla
Spain Mono Amarillo
Gender Male
Family unknown



April 4th


Likes Kei VERY, very much, acting like a sumo wrestler, and also likes rubbing his BIG FAT belly constantly (non-stop, as he did in his fighting stances in both Ape Escape 2 and Ape Escape 3)


Hates "cutesy type" girls like Yumi, doesn't like being pushed down to be made weaker or inferior like how his encounter with Jimmy suggested

Appears in

Ape Escape 2 USA Ape Escape 3

Member of

Freaky Monkey Five

Voice actor(s)

America Carter Cathcart (AE2), Steven Blum (AE3)
Langfr-225px-Flag of the United Kingdom svg David Holt (AE2) (AE3) (AA) (AA2)

Monkey Yellow, known as Yellow Monkey in Ape Escape 2, and in Japan and Ape Escape Academy as Ukki Yellow (ウッキーイエロー, Ukī Iero) is the biggest as well as the freakiest member of the Freaky Monkey Five.

Appearance Edit

In his first appearance in Ape Escape 2, he is shown to be wearing a pipo helmet that is similar to the average helmet worn by the regular monkeys except for the light being in the air above it with a coiled wire, and the large red "Y" on its front. He also wears a yellow flower crown on his helmet. Dark green strands of hair can be seen poking out from under his helmet. He has large red lips and is the only member of the team to have them. His fur appears to be yellow, which lead to the red stars on his chest around his nipples. On his hands, he wears white gloves with a slight wrist ruffle. He wears a brown mawashi with white sagari handing from it. A gold buckle with Specter's face on it is on the crotch of the mawashi. On his feet, he had red jester shoes with a small white balls on their tips. This design is inspired by Sumo wrestlers.

In Ape Escape 3, he retains his lips, yellow fur, large belly button and red nipples that now have an added ring within the stars. He has lighter green hair in a shimada-hairstyle, decorated with bananas and cherries. He has yellow thread tied around his neck and has a large, light blue rope around his shoulders and tied at the back. He now wears a thick purple mawashi, with a semi-see through purple cloth on its middle. The cloth itself has a floral design and kanji on it. The specter buckle is smaller and in a similar place to his old design. He has fishnet tights leading to short white socks. On his feet, he now wears red getas. This design is a mixture of Sumo wrestlers and geishas.

In Ape Escape: SaruSaru Big Mission, Monkey Yellow wears a chef outfit mixed with sumo garb. He retains his yellow fur and lips, his nipples and belly button now covered. He has a toque blanche (lit. "White hat"), where his alarm light is placed and outlined in orange. He has a yellow double-breasted jacket with black buttons and red outer rims, with occasional brown and black stripes. He now has a dark blue mawashi and doesn't appear to have Specter's symbol anywhere on himself. He wears yellow pants with an orange rim on each end, revealing shiny brown shoes.

His physical appearance has been changed so much that he's barely even recognizable as a monkey. This may be in part due to Vita-Z Bananas, which seem to have increased his size greatly. This is revealed when you defeat his giant form, and he is shrunk to the point where he's almost smaller than Pipotchi.

Personality Edit

Yellow Monkey is the most unusual of the Freaky Monkey Five. He is very effeminate, which has confused players. He can be seen calling himself the "sparkling gem" and related things in Ape Escape 2, and implying that he is prettier than Yumi in Ape Escape 3.

Some may see him as being sexual as he seems to have an obsession with his belly. This is seen as a negative aspect to him, as even Jimmy notes that there is something wrong with Monkey Yellow. He also has seemingly become infatuated with Kei, complimenting him in Ape Escape 3 and trying to marry his copy in Big Mission, although the latter could be seen as a trick to ensure the fake Kei gets aboard the Lab.

Monkey Yellow's unnerving personality carries over to his potrayal in the anime, as many characters are uncomfortable with him and his behavior. It can be argued that even the members of the Freaky Monkey Five are uncomfortable with him, especially Pink Monkey.

Yellow Monkey is very strong, though nowhere near as strong as Red Monkey, and despite his size and build he is actually very swift.

Biography Edit

Monkey Yellow was one the five chosen monkeys to eat a Vita-Z Banana, giving them increased intelligence and power. They formed the elite group Freaky Monkey Five.

Ape Escape 2 Edit

Monkey Yellow is portrayed as a sumo wrestler whose battlefield is a wrestling ring with spikes protruding from the area around it. His attacks involve charging at the player and stomping the ground, causing objects to fall from the sky and crush the player. After Jimmy defeats him, he swears revenge and runs away.

When Jimmy was about to fight Specter, Monkey Yellow emerged again. He ate more Vita-Z bananas than anyone would be supposed to and grew to a size equal to that of a skyscraper's. Jimmy had to fight him by knocking his teeth out of his mouth with the stun club, returning him to normal size and capturing him.

Ape Escape: Pumped & Primed Edit

In Ape Escape: Pumped & Primed, he is referred to through a fan letter, saying that he needs false teeth after they were knocked out in Ape Escape 2.

Ape Escape 3 Edit

Monkey Yellow reappears in Ape Escape 3 again as a Sumo wrestler, but this time fighting ninja-style, reprising his role as a Freaky Monkey Five member. His signature move is entitled Ninja Attack, in which he jumps to an area too high to reach even with the Sky Flyer and tosses throwing stars to the ground. Some are attached to ropes which Kei and Yumi can walk on as the Miracle Ninja, getting up to him to strike him.

Time Trial Edit

  • Ape Escape 2
    • Bronze
    • Silver
    • Gold
  • Ape Escape 3
    • Bronze - 02' 00" 0
    • Silver - 01' 30" 0
    • Gold - 01' 00" 0

Trivia Edit

  • In his Ape Escape 3 design, the kanji on Yellow's garment reads 女豹, translating to "female leopard" in reference to Yellow being a feisty and fast lady not to mess with.
  • His outfit in ~On Air~ and Big Mission could be a reference to Final Fantasy IX's Quina Quen, a creature much like Yellow Monkey who would love to be female.
  • When inspecting Monkey Yellow in Ape Escape 3, we are able to see his stats and a quote surrounding him. His Alertness, Speed, Attack and Temper are all at 5 stars. The quote is “Whatcha’ think? Pretty hot, eh?” It is unknown if this is something he said, or someone talking about him.
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