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Monkey Taro is the first Monkey Fable in Ape Escape 2[1][2].


Part 1[]

A long, long time ago, there lived a great monkey named Monkey Taro. An old lady monkey found him after he'd been born inside a giant banana. One day the old lady monkey and her husband gave him three bananas and pushed him out of the door, telling him not to come back until he'd defeated the ogre that was ravaging the capital. "And don't forget the ogre's treasure!" he was told.

Part 2[]

Although he'd been charged with the task of defeating this ogre character, he haven't the slightest idea where to find him. While he was searching for the ogre, it grew dark, and Monkey Taro lost his way. He decided to eat the three bananas the old lady monkey had given him. He was still hungry, but lay down at the base of a tree and slept there for the night.

Part 3[]

The next day he tried to ask a passing boy about the ogre's whereabouts, but the boy did not understand a singe word that he said. Seeing that the monkey was flustered, the boy, for some reason, handed him a Dango (traditional Japanese delicacy). The half-starved Monkey Taro was overjoyed, and chomped away on the delicious Dango without the slightest show of manners.

Part 4[]

After finishing the Dango, Monkey Taro decided to follow the young boy for the time being, as he hadn't a clue about the ogre's whereabouts. Soon the boy met a dog, and then a pheasant, who were both looking quite distraught. The boy gave each a delicious Dango, and helped them find their way. Monkey Taro was very impressed by the boy's show of kindness.

Part 5[]

After a few days, the group led by the boy and Monkey Taro rode a boat across the sea to an island inhabited by countless ogres! This reminded Monkey Taro that it was his job to defeat the ogre, and so, with the help of the boy, the dog, and the pheasant, he began a fierce fight with the ogre. After a fierce fight the band were victorious, and took with them a huge amount of treasure as their own reward.

Part 6[]

After the group returned to the capital, they began bickering over dividing up the spoils. Monkey Taro put up the fight of his life, but in the end the boy ran off with every last nugget of gold. Fearful of old monkey couple's wrath, he decided against returning home, instead selling himself to the circus, where he spent the remainder of his days entertaining children with his unique "low-flying chimp" routine.

The End


  • This Monkey Fable is an abridged retelling of the classic Japanese folktale, Momotarō.
  • The NTSC-U/C version adds a comma after "it was his job to defeat the ogre, and so"[3], while the PAL version does not[4].


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