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Monkey Pink
Name(s) Japan ウッキーピンク (Ukī Pinku)
America Monkey Pink
Langfr-225px-Flag of the United Kingdom svg Pink Monkey
Langfr-225px-Flag of France svg Singe Rose
Germany Rosa Affen
Italy Scimmia Rosa
Spain Mono Rosa
Gender Female
Member of The Freaky Monkey Five
Allies Specter (love interest), Red Monkey, White Monkey, Blue Monkey, Yellow Monkey
Enemies Yumi (rival), Kei, Jimmy, Spike, Natalie
Anime only: Casi, Helga, Jake
Family Unknown
Age Unknown
Birthday March 3rd
Likes Singing, dancing, acting.
Dislikes Her performances being ruined, Yumi, Yellow Monkey
Appears in Ape Escape 2 USA
Saru Get You CoroCoro Comics
Ape Escape (Shorts)
Ape Escape Pumped & Primed
Ape Escape Academy
Ape Escape 3
Ape Academy 2
Ape Escape SaruSaru Big Mission
Saru Get You ~On Air~ 2nd Logo
Voice actor(s) America Rachel Preece (AE2), Debi Derryberry (AE3)
Langfr-225px-Flag of the United Kingdom svg Rachel Preece (AE2, AE3)
Spain Ana Esther Alborg (AE3)
Italy Chiara Colizzi (AE2), Daniela Fava (AE3)

Monkey Pink, also known as Pink Monkey in Ape Escape 2 and in Japan as Ukki Pink (ウッキーピンク), is the only female in The Freaky Monkey Five and the first female villain in the Ape Escape franchise. While she may look cute, the moment something doesn't go her way, she is quick to snap and become a violent monster.


Pink Monkey is a pink-furred ape with big, girly eyes, blushing cheeks, and short blond hair that frames her face. In Ape Escape 2, Pink Monkey wore a simple pink tank top and a skirt with a dark brown belt that had a gold Specter buckle in the center. She also had a straw hat with a Peak Point Helmet built into it and a pair of brown sandals with silver clasps around her ankles.

In Ape Escape 3, Pink chose a different costume inspired by the Arabian area she was found at. She has on a modified helmet that is pink, white, and fuchsia themed and resembles a genies bottle with a pale pink, silk ribbon flowing from the top and her alarm light near the bottom brim of it. Her outfit consists of a fuchsia tank top with sleeves below her shoulders with white accents and pale pink bracelets. Over this is a lavender vest with white detailing, matching her belt that has a golden Specter buckle in the center. Her pants are puffed with light pink rings on the bottom, and she also wears pale pink flats with green gems on the toe.

In Saru Get You ~On Air~ and Ape Escape: SaruSaru Big Mission, Pink chose to wear something more cutesy. She has a simple pink ribbon worn in her hair as her Pipo Helmet and wore a magenta dress with a light pink two-layer shawl and a big black bow tied at her neck, matching the one on her back. She also has a pair of simple white gloves with thin black string ribbons and a pair of black shoes.

In Big Mission, she also has a plush toy of Specter.


Pink Monkey is a very gentle and sweet girl in good mood. She appears cute and charming, but she shows that she is anything but that if you make her angry or steal attention away from her. When this happens, she becomes a violent, vengeful monster bent on either destroying her target or making them unappealing in any shape or form manageable. She can also be childish and may resort to petty tricks to make the person feel sorry for her until she is able to get back at them, such as crying and victimizing herself before snapping to her original anger.

She dreams of becoming a pop star, and battles with her have one of her singles being sung during it. In Ape Escape 2 this is "Escape the Ape That's In You!", followed by Ape Escape 3's "Banana Heartbreak."

With her unhidden crush on Specter, she can be very possessive over him and do whatever she can to help him. She hates Yellow Monkey for trying to be more beautiful than her, and sees Yumi as a rival for her idol career.


Chosen Monkeys[]

Pink Monkey was one of the monkeys chosen to be fed Vita-Z Bananas, which increased her intelligence and allowed her and the others to be used by Specter, forming the Freaky Monkey Five.

Ape Escape 2[]


Pink Monkey in Ape Escape 2.

Pink Monkey is the third boss of the game. In the middle of her performance, Monkey Pink stops upon noticing Jimmy and assumes him to be a fan of hers. She then starts to sing her new single, only stopping after she is struck by Jimmy.

She begins to sob over her show being ruined, which makes Jimmy sympathetic for her. However it is only a ruse, giving her enough time to initiate her dark side and attack.

Phase 1:
You need to jump onto the flower platforms in order to reach Monkey Pink. Watch out for the Bombettes on the platforms as you jump as they will destroy the platform they are on. Don't try and swim across the pool, as the current is too strong and you will be forced back. Once on stage she will throw hearts at you to stun you and hit you, but it's easy to recover. Once you hit her, the speakers will blow you back to the starting platform. Repeat the strategy until her pipo helmet turns yellow.
Phase 2:
The area is now dark, and the pool is drained. Unfortunately, she is protected by a force field and you can't reach her on the stage yet. Wait for either all the Bombettes to explode, avoid the bouncing beach balls, jump over the electric tripwires and the force field will deactivate. Quickly jump onto the stage and strike her while avoiding her flame attacks. Once hit, she'll use her speakers to sending you flying backwards. Repeat the strategy until she's defeated and ready to be captured.

Ape Escape 3[]

Here, Pink Monkey is the fourth boss of the game and awaits the arrival of Yumi and Kei and appears before them after clearing Mirage Town. She keeps up her angelic appearance for a moment before unleashing her anger and beginning the fight.

In order to beat Pink Monkey, Kei or Yumi will have to use the Genie Dancer morph and distract her by performing the Genie Dance. They must then use this moment to hit her until it's enough to catch her. Watch out because when she is in friendly mode, she will use her love beam to stun you, allowing her Teleborgs to hit you. In hostile mode, she teleports and shoots fireballs but they can be easily dodged.

When fighting her the first time, a cutscene will play once she is defeated, in which she will escape. She will not appear again until after Specter is captured, at which point she frees him along with the rest of the Freaky Monkey Five.

Signature Move: "Prepare To Meet Your Maker!" - When in Dark form, she causes stone pillars to slam to the ground, intended to smash the player. When she does that, it is best to get off the stage because the pillars won't slam these areas.

Ape Escape: Pumped & Primed[]

Pink Monkey makes a cameo appearance in Pumped & Primed as a fan[1], along with the rest of The Freaky Monkey Five. Pink and Red also appear as Monkey Summons[2].

Other Appearances[]

Saru Get You ~On Air~[]

Monkey Pink appears along with the other Freaky Monkey Five. For an episode, she has been given the ability to change male clothing into cute, girly clothing with her magical wand, as well as make them act girly. She also can shoot flames and energy beams, make force fields, levitate things, is very strong, and for a moment she carried a camera around to use at the characters' worst moments.

As time goes by it is learned that she was obsessed over another monkey for some while until she learned that he didn't like her. While this originally angered her, she always thought she had Specter and this allowed her to never become fully bitter about it. Like in the game, she aids him when he is captured.


See Monkey Pink/Gallery.


  • She can be unlocked as a playable character in the Dance Monkey Dance minigame from Ape Escape 2.
  • While she is a pop star in many of her appearances, she is revealed to be tone deaf in the anime.
  • In her dark form, Pink's hair spikes and rises up, resembling that of a Super Saiyan from Dragon Ball Z.
  • She is the only boss apart from Specter to have two sections in her battle.
  • It is shown in Ape Escape 3 that Blue Monkey has a big crush on her.
  • Pink's song "Banana Heartbreak" in Ape Escape 3 would seem to be a song that expresses how Pink feels towards Specter, as she references doing her everything for him, and contains lyrics that speak of "The suit I knitted for you." She also calls Specter "Specter baby" in the North American version of Ape Escape 3.
  • When inspecting Monkey Pink in Ape Escape 3, we are able to see her stats and a quote surrounding her. Her Alertness, Speed, Attack and Temper are all at 5 stars. The quote is “There's more to me than beauty!” It is unknown if this is something she said, or someone talking about her.
  • Pink is the only character to have the same voice actor in both the American and British versions of Ape Escape 2 - this is because Rachel Preece, her British voice actress, gave her an American accent which resulted in this voice being retained for the American version.
  • Pink was voiced by Debi DerryBerry in Ape Escape 3, who also voiced Jimmy Neutron from the TV show of the same name and Coco Bandicoot from the Crash Bandicoot franchise.
  • In July of 2022, Sony announced PlayStation Stars, a loyalty program that would allow players to earn digital collectibles[3]. The State of Play Livestream revealed that Ape Escape characters would be included[4], and in September of the same year, former Sony President Shuhei Yoshida confirmed that Pink Monkey from Ape Escape 2 would be among them[5].
    • The confirmation followed an announcement that PlayStation Stars would launch in Asia (including Japan) on September 29th, North and South America on October 5th, and Europe and Australia on October 13th[6].


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