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Monkey Park

Monkey Park (モンキーパーク) is a location in the Ape Escape series. It is a zoo as well as an amusement park.


Before Monkey Madness[]

Monkey Park was entertainment area with rides and a zoo. One of the most popular attractions, the "Ape-Misbehavin' Magic Show" stared Monkeys, with Specter being the most popular.

Ape Escape[]

Somehow a beta Pipo Helmet is found inside of his performer’s tent and out of curiosity he puts it on, gaining super intelligence almost instantly. Specter then escapes his area before releasing the rest of the monkeys, causing a massive riot that follows all the way to the Professor’s laboratory.

Ape Escape 2[]

Monkey Park appears in the beginning of Ape Escape 2, when Jimmy accidently send Monkey Pants and Pipo Helmets to Monkey Park, which, in turn, starts the game.

Ape Escape 3[]

While Monkey Park doesn't appear in Ape Escape 3, it appears in a flashback when Aki was explaining who Specter was to Kei and Yumi.


  • Monkey Park only appears in the main title series.
  • According to Natalie, Specter used to be "that cute little monkey that everyone loved to come and see". It can be assumed that one reason he turned to world domination is that he found the "Ape Misbehavin'" magic show to be rather humiliating.