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Monkerella is the fourth Monkey Fable in Ape Escape 2[1][2].


Part 1[]

Monkerella was a beautiful monkey with adorable big eyes. Fair Monkerella was most popular in the town. A very high price was listed on the poster of her that was found all over town, and when the shopkeepers spotted her, they quickly closed up shop, awed by her greatness. Monkerella, quite simply, was the talk of the entire land.

Part 2[]

One day the banks were giving her money, which she was always most pleased about, when a friend told her about a party. She had always wanted to pay a visit to the castle, and so she asked an old wart-covered witch to prepare her a magical horse and carriage. The warty old witch obliged, and her ride was secured.

Part 3[]

Monkerella crept quietly into the grounds of the castle in her magic carriage, but the guardsmen simply would not leave her alone. Every last one of them, wishing for a dance with the young monkey whose hands were full of bags of gold, chased after her with the utmost vehemence. The distressed Monkerella had no choice but to escape in her carriage, but during the fuss she dropped her monkey helmet.

Part 4[]

The next day the prince made an order to find the monkey who perfectly fitted the lost monkey helmet, and bring her to the castle. The demure Monkerella was reluctant to admit that she was the owner of the helmet, but the castle guards came to her home and insisted that she try it on. She was dragged by both arms off to the town square. Gently.

Part 5[]

At the town square, the monkey helmet was placed on each of a long line of monkeys, standing quietly in anticipation of their fate. Soon, it was Monkerella's turn. To her it felt as if the whole crowd was glaring, and frankly she would have felt much better to have left immediately. But when the gracious guardsmen wrenched her hands behind her back, she had little choice but to allow the helmet to be placed upon her.

Part 6[]

Surprise, surprise! It fit her perfectly! In her heart she was ever so pleased, but much too shy to show it. When the guardsmen began escorting her to the castle, she could no longer contain herself, and tears of happiness flowed over her rosy cheeks. After that, she would spend the rest of her days living in the castle. Every last monkey was overjoyed that Monkerella had found her new, eternal home.

The End


  • This Monkey Fable is a reference to the popular folktale, Cinderella.


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