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Miracle Ninja is the third Morph Kei or Yumi can acquire in Ape Escape 3. It is available at the start of The Emperor's Castle/Shogun's Castle.


Miracle Ninjas basic attack is a quick swing of the Stun Club. Its faster to use than the regular Stun Club and much faster than that of the Fantasy Knight. By rotating the right analogue stick, the protagonist summons two clones of themselves that stand directly left and right of the player. These clones will copy the players inputs and can be used to fight multiple enemies at once.

What makes this morph truly unique is its wide array of mobility options. It gives the player the ability to walk across narrow ropes that would only trip the player up in their regular form. Further, they can now run across walls marked with blue footprints. By holding R2, the Miracle Ninja can perform the "Flying Squirrel", opening their cape to glide over wide gaps. Along with all that, the Miracle Ninjas running speed is one of the fastest in the game. This speed is only surpassed by the Dash Hoop and Cyber Ace.

By pressing R3, the Miracle Ninja sends the previously mentioned clones straight forwards relative to the direction the player is facing. If the clones touch a monkey, it will be captured. This means the player can capture monkeys from a distance. Note that the player does not need to have the clones summoned to use them for capture. This captured method is relatively quick and has a good range, but requires good aim on the players part.

By holding L3 while sneaking, the Miracle Ninja can quickly disguise themselves as a log. This makes them practically invisible.


Kei wears a sheer top with white and dark gray accents, brown fingerless gloves with white detailing, and a semi-baggy pair of dark gray pants held on by a bright red cloth with bronze plates on the knees. He also has sheer material covering his legs, wearing a pair of dark gray tabi and red zōri. He has a loose, flowing orange scarf he uses to glide, a mouth piece, and a pair of teal goggles with two straps around his head.

Yumi's hairstyle remains the same, but her pigtails are held by orange ribbons instead of pink, and her forehead protector with a heart spaces out her bangs. Yumi wears a gray top and a pair of short white shorts underneath a fuchsia haori with hearts printed along the bottom. She also has a short pink scarf, a flowing red ribbon tied on her waist she uses to glide, zōri worn with white tabi and black thigh-high legwarmers, and a pair of black fingerless gloves.



  • In this form, Yumi resembles the female ninja in Bust A Move Bash.

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