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Destroys heavy objects that the Stun Club can't.

The Magic Punch (マジックパンチ), also called the Power Punch in the PAL version of Ape Escape 2, is the final gadget the player receives in Ape Escape and Ape Escape 2. It is a really powerful offensive gadget that can be used to bash through walls and other strong surfaces. You can only get the Magic Punch once you have successfully completed the game once.


Ape Escape/Ape Escape: On the Loose[]

The Magic Punch is the given to Spike from the Professor and Casi after realizing many monkeys are still on the loose through time. The design is essentially a red boxing glove attached to a yellow scissor arm with two red handles at the base.

Ape Escape (Comics)[]

In the Disney Adventure comic, the Magic Punch is central to the plot. The Magic Punch gets stolen by a monkey, and Spike must travel through time to recover it, as the Professor fears they may not be able to stop Specter without it.

Ape Escape 2[]

After Specter reveals to Jimmy, the Professor and Natalie that he has escaped capture and has plans for the remaining monkeys, the Professor gives Jimmy the Magic Punch, as well as the See-All Scope to help him find secret locations where the Magic Punch is needed. This version of the Magic Punch is spring-loaded rather than attached to a scissor extension arm.

The See-All Scope is activated with the L2Icon button and replaces the default first-person camera. It allows Jimmy to spot monkeys hidden in steel boxes and other barriers beyond the detection of the Monkey Radar.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale[]

The Magic Punch appears in Spike moveset as his Forward + Oicon and his aerial Forward + Oicon. Spike quickly punches his opponents, and if the player holds down the Oicon Button, Spike charges the attack as the Magic Stun Punch, which can temporally stun opponents in place for a while. Like in Ape Escape, this is one of Spike's strongest Gadgets. This version is operated with one hand and uses a red scissor arm.


Designs + Sprite[]

In Game[]

Names Sorted by Release[]

North America (English) Europe (English) Japan
Ape Escape Magic Punch[1] Magic Punch[2] マジックパンチ
Ape Escape (Comics) Magic Punch[4]
Ape Escape 2 Magic Punch[5] Power Punch[6] マジックパンチ
Ape Escape:
On the Loose

(Ape Escape P)
Magic Punch[8] Magic Punch[9] マジックパンチ
PlayStation All-Stars
Battle Royale
Magic Punch[11]



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