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Little Red Monkey Helmet is the eighth Monkey Fable in Ape Escape 2[1][2].


Part 1[]

A long, long time ago, there was a beautiful young monkey who looked lovely in her monkey helmet. So much so, that she was called Little Red Monkey Helmet by all those who knew her. She loved searching the forest for mushrooms and bananas of unusual and, well, quite wretched colors.

Part 2[]

One day, Little Red Monkey Helmet was told there was a man who had an assignment for her. When they met, Little Red didn't even offer her hand. She kept a good distance, narrowed her eyes, and icily enquired, "What's the job, pal." Fearing for his life, the man shook in his boots, but he knew that this was a task that only Little Red Monkey Helmet was capable of performing.

Part 3[]

Little Red Monkey Helmet's assignment was to deliver a banana to an old lady living in the forest. After confirming that a direct deposit had been made to her bank account, Little Red immediately prepared to set out. She brought only the things that she would need: her purse, basket and a map of the forest.

Part 4[]

Walking through the forest, Little Red Monkey Helmet met a big, bad wolf. "Hello, and where are you going, little monkey?" he said. "To the old lady's house," replied Little Red. "Oohh! Now you be careful! Heeheehee..." You could have heard a pin drop in the forest as Little Red waited for the wolf to pounce, but he did nothing. Little Red was safe!

Part 5[]

Finally, she arrived at the old lady's house. When Little Red stepped inside, the old lady was asleep in bed. And then Little Red noticed -- the old lady had strangely large ears! "Old Lady, why are your ears so big?" "Zzz...zzz" She was sound asleep.

Part 6[]

When Little Red looked closer, she noticed that the old lady had a huge mouth. "Old Lady, why is your mouth so big?" "Zzz...zzz...hrrmph...mmnn..." "OLD LADY!" "Whoa!! Don't scare me like that, little girl!" After Little Red gently awoke the old lady, she leaned over to giver her the banana.

Part 7[]

As she moved closer, the old lady turned out to be no lady at all! She was the big wolf that Little Red had met in the forest! "Hmm? Where's the old lady?" said Little Red. "She moved away last month," replied the wolf. "Don't lie! You ate her, didn't you?!" Little Red, you see, had quite an imagination. And something told her that this wolf was up to no good!

Part 8[]

Well, at least that's what Little Red thought. Little Red Monkey Helmet glared at the wolf, and slowly and deliberately began cracking her knuckles. Krracck! Krrackk! She was pleased when she spotted sweat pouring from the wolf's brow. She taught him a good lesson, force-fed him the banana, and sent him high-tailing it off to the forest. The poor wolf was traumatized by the whole thing.

The End



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