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Let's Get Computing! Ape Escape 2 Jigsaw Puzzles with a Mouse™
Let's Get Computing! Jigsaw Puzzles with a Mouse (Cover)

Windows XP/ME/98/95[1]


Dorasu (ドラス)

Release Date(s)

Japan August 30, 2002

Let's Get Computing! Ape Escape 2 Jigsaw Puzzles with a Mouse (パソコンやろうよ! マウスでジグソーパズル サルゲッチュ2) is a computer jigsaw puzzle game by Dorasu (ドラス) that was released in Japan for Windows on August 30, 2002. The price at release was 2,980 yen (excluding tax) and the game came with an original mouse pad.[2] Let's Get Computing! (パソコンやろうよ!) is a series of Japanese computer games that take advantage of computer functions such as the mouse to do things like solving puzzles or coloring pictures.[3] These games often tie in to a franchise,[4] with this particular game being based on Ape Escape 2.


Let's Get Computing! Ape Escape 2 Jigsaw Puzzles with a Mouse gameplay

Working to solve a puzzle

There are three different modes available in the game. The first mode is known as Get accustomed to the mouse (マウスになれよう) which is made for beginners to practice with the mouse. This gives the user a chance to improve basic mouse skills like clicking and dragging until they're ready to move on to the other modes.

The next mode is called Let's play with puzzles (パズルで遊ぼう) and this is where the main gameplay happens. The user can choose from up to 15 different illustrations in the style of Ape Escape 2 and solve a jigsaw puzzle of the illustration. The player can vary the level of difficulty of the puzzles by choosing from 7 different amounts of puzzle pieces ranging from as little as 6 pieces to as many as 252 pieces. The player can challenge themselves even further by giving themselves a time limit that they must finish the puzzle by. By successfully completing a puzzle in this mode the player can unlock wallpapers and screensavers to save and use on their computer.

The last mode is called Let's make a puzzle (パズルを作ろう). This mode allows the player to create illustrations of their own and store them. There are three slots for storing illustrations created by the player. Illustrations created here can then be selected and played in the same way as the 15 Ape Escape ones.[5]