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Gender Male
Allies Natalie, Professor, Spike, Jake, Casi
Enemies Specter, Neo Pipotrons
Family Natalie, the Professor
Age Unknown
Likes Bananas, looking at his reflection, his friends, playing at the Big Banana in the Park, wandering off
Dislikes Natalie being upset, the Neo Pipotrons, Specter
Appears in Saru Get You On Air
Saru Get You ~On Air~ 2nd Logo

Kuuta (クータ) is a small pet monkey owned by Natalie in Saru Get You ~On Air~ and Saru Get You ~On Air~ 2nd. He mysteriously disappears at the beginning of the story.


Kuuta is a small white monkey with blue eyes and a small round tail. He wears a yellow handkerchief around his neck.


Kuuta is a laid-back and generally carefree monkey that loves to play around with his owner Natalie and the others. Unlike his counterpart, he is highly friendly to both monkeys and humans alike. While he isn’t very intelligent he has a lot of curiosity and innocence.


Kuuta has been Natalie’s pet monkey since he was given to her by the Professor at a very young age. During the years, Kuuta grew up alongside his owner, and the two grew to be an inseparable duo. However, one night Kuuta was sleeping in the lab during a rather nasty storm. Through Pipotron J's actions Kuuta put on a Peak Point Helmet that forcefully turned him into Specter. Natalie assumed Kuuta ran away again, and never gave up on finding him. By Casi's analysis, they eventually found out Specter was Kuuta.

Specter refused to turn back until he became aware of how well the protagonists treated monkeys. Once realizing the monkeys had fun and were cared for, he became touched, but didn't allow himself to turn back yet. He finally saved Spike from death by Pipotron J’s hand, and the he removed his helmet, returning back to Kuuta. Soon to be reunited with his owner, Natalie, Kuuta's life returned to normal.

In season 2, it is revealed Kuuta was used as a vessel for the real Specter, now in his full powers and a different being from Kuuta.

Talent and Abilities[]

As a monkey, Kuuta is able to climb up trees and other usual things. Kuuta is a young monkey who is highly curious of the world. He isn’t very strong and prone to easily getting injured.