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Kei (Satoru)
Kei Render Page
Name(s) Japan サトル (Satoru)
America Kei
Europe Satoru
Korea 크리스 (Kris)
Gender Male
Allies Yumi, Aki, Spike, Natalie, Jimmy, Professor, Doctor Tomoki (after AE3)
Enemies Specter, Pipo Monkeys, The Freaky Monkey Five
Family Yumi (older twin sister) [1], Aki (aunt)
Age 9 (AE3, European version[2])
Likes Gym class, Lunch, Baseball[3][2]
Dislikes Bullies, Specter's plans, Yellow Monkey, Yumi slamming the door in his face
Appears in Ape Escape 3
Ape Escape SaruSaru Big Mission
Saru Get You ~On Air~ 2nd Logo
Voice actor(s) Japan Junko Takeuchi (AE3)
America Hope Levy (AE3)
Europe Richard Pearce (AE3)
Spain David Robles (AE3)
Langfr-225px-Flag of France svg Nathalie Homs
Italy Massimo Di Benedetto

Kei, known in Japan and Europe as Satoru (サトル), is the one of the main protagonists of Ape Escape 3, along with his twin sister Yumi. Like the previous heroes, he also wants to stop Specter. He is the younger of the two playable heroes, the other being Yumi.

Since Kei, Yumi, and their aunt Aki have not been hypnotized by Specter TV, the three of them have been chosen by Natalie to help save the world and put an end to the mind-controlling TV-program. In the end, Kei and Yumi have been able to save the world from Specter's evil plots.


Kei wears a white baseball uniform with red sleeves and a number 3 on the back of it, and wears a black shirt underneath it. He wears blue shorts and orange and white shoes. He also wears a pair of green goggles on his head.

As Fantasy Knight, Kei takes on a knight appearance. Kei gains a red and black outfit with tan-brown accents, worn underneath a long blue flowing cloth that covers his front and back with the roman numeral III on it. His neck, arms, and shoes are made of armor, and he gains an armored helmet with red feathery-hair on top and a pair objects resembling eyes. He has a red shield with the words "White Dogs" on it, with a picture of a white dog. Kei's weapon becomes a lance.

As Wild West Kid, Kei wears a powder blue top with red chaps, a vest, hat, and gloves, all of which have red accents and tassels. Around the neck is an orange neckerchief, and Kei also has a pair of dull brown denim pants, and bright brown shoes with tan straps and blue wheels on the back of them. He also gains a tall themed double holster for his guns.  

As Miracle Ninja, Kei wears a sheer top with white and dark gray accents, brown fingerless gloves with white detailing, and a semi-baggy pair of dark gray pants held on by a bright red cloth with bronze plates on the knees. He also has sheer material covering his legs, a pair of dark gray socks with ninja sandals, a loose, flowing orange scarf, a mouth piece, and a pair of teal goggles with two straps around his head. 

As Genie Dancer, Kei wears a red vest with gold detailing and a thick, puffy pair of white pants with a blue sash on top, where a golden object sits with a weapon concealed in it. He also gains a pair of dark berry flats with emerald gems and matching armbands, ruby earrings, a gold necklace with emerald gem on it, gold bracelets below the shoulders, and a white turban with a single dark blue feather in the center above a red gem, where Kei's goggles sit.

As Dragon Kung Fu Fighter, Kei keeps his goggles and normal hair, but it becomes darker in color and he gains a long braid at the bottom of his head. For it, he wears a dark blue Chinese top and pair of pants with white and red accents, a pair of black flats, and his normal red gloves.

As Cyber Ace (or in his case, "Thunder Ace" as termed by Aki), Kei wears a red body suit with bright yellow detailing and white accents. He gains a pair of blue robotic-like shoes, dark red gloves with gold cuffs and yellow fingers, a black and white belt to match the armor covering his chest, and a white helmet with his goggles covering his eyes and a big lightning bolt shape above them.

As a Super Monkey, Kei puts on a monkey costume. You can see Kei's face from the mouth portion of the costume. It also has a zipper on the back.


Kei, like Spike and Jimmy before him, is brave, and simple-minded. However unlike the two he is very overconfident with his abilities. He also seems to be fearless, such as when White Monkey brought out a giant mech dragon and Kei wasn't even fazed by it.


Ape Escape 3[]

Kei arrives home with Yumi when they get a call from Natalie. She explains that the Monkeys are back and establish TV Stations protected by The Freaky Monkey Five where they plan to broadcast TV shows worldwide. The television shows that are broadcasted on every channel put all humans except the twins, their aunt Aki, and Natalie into a mindless trance. When Natalie informs Kei and Yumi that Spike, Jimmy and the Professor were all infected by the television show, they go out to catch the monkeys and thwart Specter and Dr. Tomoki.

Kei and Yumi go to every site to capture all the monkeys and destroy the satellite there. Kei and Yumi easily capture White Monkey, Blue Monkey, and Yellow Monkey. When they reach the TV Station where Pink Monkey is, Kei and Yumi's attempts to capture her fail and she escapes. They manage to capture Red Monkey afterwards.

When they reach Tomoki City, Dr. Tomoki challenges them to a battle in his giant Tomo-King robot. Tomoki is defeated by Kei and Yumi, and revealed to have been in a freak accident he tried to hide. After being humiliated for it by Specter but defended by the twins, he befriends them and lets them take his rocket to space to defeat his former partner.

Once they reach Specter's base of operations, Space Station SARU-3, they capture all the monkeys and deactivate the movie sets on their way to Specter. When they reach Specter, he tells them about his plan "Twin Heavens" and how he will use his space station to chop the earth in half. He plans to keep half of it for the monkeys, leaving the other half to the humans instead of his former partner. He then proceeds to get into his new King Gorillac Mech and tries to activate this plan. He is defeated and Kei and Yumi escape from the Space Station, leaving Tomoki to self-destruct SARU-3 to stop the Twin Heavens. After Specter is defeated, Pink Monkey releases him and the rest of the Freaky Monkey Five, leaving them to be caught again.

Mesal Gear Solid[]

In the mini-game Mesal Gear Solid, the Professor mentions that Kei, along with Spike, Jimmy and Yumi are at a summer camp which prevented them from stopping Mesal Gear.

Ape Escape: SaruSaru Big Mission[]

Kei is one of the many characters that were captured by Specter when Spike and Natalie were shrunken down. He is the hostage of Yellow Monkey, but it's later revealed that it was a Specter Doll disguised as Kei to steal microchips from Spike and Natalie. The true Kei is actually held hostage by Pink Monkey alongside his sister.

Abilities and Powers[]


See Kei/Gallery.


  • The back of Kei's baseball uniform has a number 3 on it, referencing that this is the third Ape Escape game. The number 3 can also be seen on some of his other transformations.
  • In school, his favorite classes are gym and lunch. He loves baseball and never takes off his uniform[1].


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