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Jimmy and Pipotchi (also known as 'Hikaru and Pipotchi' in PAL regions) is the sixteenth Monkey Fable in Ape Escape 2[1][2].


Part 1[]

Once upon a time, a young boy named Jimmy lived in poverty with the little monkey Pipotchi. Pipotchi was a little monkey he had found lost in the forest, and they lived happily together. One day when they went out into the fields, Pipotchi suddenly pointed to the ground, wanting Jimmy to dig. Although it seemed strange, he did just that -- and sure enough, there was a huge supply of bananas buried there in the soil.

Part 2[]

As we know, Jimmy and little Pipotchi were very poor, so they were quite ecstatic about this banana find. So ecstatic they were oblivious to the monkey nearby who had been hiding in the shadows, watching. They quickly aped the pair's actions, but all they found when they dug were rotten bananas. Feeling tricked, they flew into a rage, envious of the lucky pair. They gave Pipotchi a whack, which made him cry loudly.

Part 3[]

And as soon as Pipotchi began crying, the very ground upon which his tears fell began sprouting banana trees. Again Jimmy and little Pipotchi were overjoyed with this stroke of luck. The monkeys, seeing this, were now sure that if they cried, they too would have their own banana trees. So they began slamming their heads against rocks to cry. No matter how hard they tried, nothing came of their tears, and their heads were soon covered with bumps and bruises.

Part 4[]

The monkeys were angered as never before, and so that night, they came and ate every last banana on the banana tree. When the pair woke up in the morning, they were sorely disappointed, for not a single banana remained for them to eat. With nothing better to do, they planted the banana peels in their farm, and from whence they'd planted the peels, out sprouted many beautiful flowers.

Part 5[]

Just then, a kindly professor strolled by, and was quite pleased by the beautiful flowers, and gave the pair many wonderful gifts. The monkeys, seeing this, spread banana peels across the ground but the professor slipped upon them. The monkeys once again became angry, but this time the professor was angry too, and so he caught them all up and warped them away with his Gotcha Net.

The End


  • Unlike The Three Little Monkeys, where the NTSC-U/C version called it the Monkey Net and the PAL version called it the Gotcha Net, both versions are in agreement here to call it the Gotcha Net[3][4].


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