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Jack and the Bananastalk is the fifteenth Monkey Fable in Ape Escape 2[1][2].

This story is not to be confused with The Giant Bananastalk, another Monkey Fable with a similar name and premise.


Part 1[]

Once upon a time, on the far outskirts of a human town, was a poor monkey village. The monkeys who lived there existed in terrible poverty. They only had one banana each a day. One day the monkeys finally ran out of bananas, and left for the town to try to sell their very last pair of pants so that they could buy food.

Part 2[]

A monkey named Jack was chosen to go to town, so he loaded every last pair of pants onto a cart and set out. On the way, he met a lone professor. The professor felt much pity when he saw the anxious look on young Jack's face, and so he offered to give Jack a bio-engineered banana seed in exchange for the cart full of monkey pants. Jack, realized he had nothing to lose, and the professor seemed honest, so they made the trade.

Part 3[]

Jack arrived home with a big smile on his face and eagerly showed his fellow monkeys the great banana seed. His comrades were furious that he had not brought back even a single banana for them to eat so they thrashed the poor misguided fool. Young Jack, depressed and alone, made his way to the back of a shack, and planted the seed. When he woke up the next day, everyone had gathered at the back of the shack, and they were creating quite a stir.

Part 4[]

To everyone's tremendous surprise, a great bananastalk had grown from the seed planted the previous day, so great that it stretched up the very clouds. Everyone was absolutely thrilled. Jack quickly jumped up onto a nearby branch, and climbed the bananastalk. He found countless bunches of giant bananas, so large they must have been one ton or more each! Jack was overjoyed, and began to shake the banana stalk [sic] vigorously.

Part 5[]

Jack knew that everyone was waiting with an empty stomach at the base of the bananastalk! So after he had knocked down every last banana, he climbed back down in great anticipation. However back on the ground, nothing could be found, except for dozens and dozens of giant bananas. There was not a single monkey in sight. So Jack began waiting -- eagerly awaiting the return of his villagefolk. But none came back. Not for all eternity.

The End



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