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I Scream Title Card

I Scream is the first short of the Ape Escape cartoon.


Specter was standing outside, complaining how parched and hot it was, before he sees an ice cream store far from him. Specter then enters the ice cream store and commands the manager (which is a paper mache) an ice cream. Angered that the (fake) Pipo Monkey is standing still, Specter recognizes that it's a trick, and commanded the first monkey to put three scoops of napoleon ice cream. However, the first Pipo Monkey churned the ice cream with his teeth, as Specter is lead into misery. In the second try, he commands one of the monkeys, who was exhausted and preparing a cup of brewed coffee, to get the napoleon ice cream, but the bored monkey went to sleep in a quick time. The third monkey thinks the ice cream needs to be heat, but Specter argues at him that ice cream are suppose to be cold. The monkey does not listen to him, and succeeds to heat the ice cream into a thin mess. The manager of the store, starts to mimic the rhythm of Specter's foot tapping, before a French-inspired Pipo Monkey holds two ice cream. Specter grabs one of them, and chomped a whole. Unfortunately, Specter receives a brain freeze.



  • I Scream is a pun for "Ice Cream".
  • An incomplete version of this short was posted on Aniboom by an animator of the series, which includes a sound and music absence.