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Hero (Shujinkō)
"You are the hero!"
Name(s) Japan Shujinkō (主人公)
Gender Male
Allies Tohko, Tsukushi, Haru
Enemies Specter (Formerly)
Family Unknown
Age Above 12
Likes Pizza, Watching TV
Dislikes Unknown
Appears in Ape Escape Move
Voice actor(s) None

Hero (主人公, Shujinkō) is the commonly given name for the protagonist of PlayStation Move: Ape Escape.


Hero wears a blue jacket with the sleeves ripped off, a red and white striped shirt under it, and a pair of brown jeans. His face is never shown on screen but is always obscured by something in a cutscene.


Since Hero is a silent protagonist, very little is known about him. His introductory subtitling states that he was mischievous and a known troublemaker. However, his heart is in the right place, as he is willing to go back in time and even into space to catch the rampaging monkeys.


PlayStation Move: Ape Escape[]

Troublemaking Past[]

Not much is known about his past, but according to his introductory text, he was somewhat of a known troublemaker.

Monkey Invasion[]

Hero was eating pizza and watching the news when the Monkey Invasion began. An U.F.O. crashed into his house, releasing several monkeys. Tohko and Tsukushi appeared and gave Hero a Monkey Net to catch the monkeys. Afterwards, the two twins told Hero that their grandmother, Haru, was the original owner of the monkeys. One day, a monkey named Specter mysteriously disappeared, and she built a machine to find him. Before its completion, she herself disappeared. The device also had the ability to travel through time. The twins pleaded for Hero to help them catch all the monkeys, and although he was doubtful at first, he agreed to help them catch the monkeys and find Specter and Haru.


  • Hero is the only character besides the Mystery Man that does not have an official name in any language. The strategy guide and Japanese websites refer to him as Shujinkō (主人公) which means Hero, Protagonist, or Main Character in Japanese.
  • Hero is the first and only Ape Escape protagonist to:
    • Be above the age of 12.
    • Be a silent protagonist.
  • Hero does not speak during the game at all, although he's implied to speak through the subtitles.
  • Hero is the second protagonist to have blue hair, the first being Kei. He is the third overall character as Jake also has blue hair.