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Gladiator Attack
Jake Attacks
Game Ape Escape NTSC-U Ape Escape On The Loose logo gamescanner
Previous level Hot Springs/Monkey Hot Springs
Next Level Sushi Temple/Tranquil Temple
Era Dimension X/Dimension
Gadgets Sky Flyer only.
Specter Coins Specter Coin AE1 Specter Coin AE1 Specter Coin AE1 Specter Coin AE1 Specter Coin AE1

Gladiator Attack, known in PAL regions as Buzz Attack Part 2 and in Japan as Hiroki Attack Part 2 (ヒロキアタックパート2), is a level in Ape Escape where Spike and Jake battle in a race. This is the second in a series of battles against Jake, the first being Stadium Attack and the third being Chariot Attack, which is part of the level Monkey Madness.

In Ape Escape: On the Loose, this level is known as Jake Attacks Part 2 in both English regions.

In this race both Spike and Jake are equipped with the Sky Flyer, as opposed to the Stadium Attack level, where they had no gadgets.


Obstacles: The race course starts with a series of high ledges that demand the Sky Flyer, a long slippery ramp with a break in the middle, two thin bridges suspended over a large drop and flanked by spinning ball-and-chain flails, a glide down, two strips of lava, and a large cylindrical platform with two smaller platforms orbiting around it. From there it's only one more Sky Flyer jump to the end.

Favoritism: The "staircase" of high ledges at the start of the race are skewed towards Jake's side of the course. Moving to the left side will prevent using the Sky Flyer in the wrong place.

Balance Beams:

  • The flails are rotating counter-clockwise. The player can start running across immediately after the flail has pointed in their direction.
  • Alternatively, the player can use the Sky Flyer before crossing the bridge, using their shadow on the floor to aim for a place to land.
  • The chains on the spinning flails are not solid. This allows players to stand still in the middle of the bridge, or run through the chains unharmed.
  • Upon Sky Flying to the upper part of the bridge, the player can run across or perform another Sky Flyer jump if they're not confident in their balance.
  • Climbing back up from falling off the thin bridges will sometimes result in the camera pointing backwards instead of forwards, making a second attempt disorienting. This camera cannot be moved with the D-Pad or L1Icon button.
  • Unfortunately it is not possible to recover and win the race after falling from one of the thin bridges.

Restart Level: To restart the race, press Start, Squareicon for the Exit menu, then go down to Retry.

Barrel Rolls: The smaller cylindrical platforms are orbiting clockwise. Run towards the nearest platform on the right side to get a straightforward angle of approach on the center platform.

Par Time: Jake will cross the finish line at approximately 01'01"00.


Just like before, if the player wins they will receive 5 Specter Coins, which can be used to unlock Minigames. It is not necessary to win the race in order to proceed to the next level, however winning will count towards a 100% completion rating.


  • It is unknown how Jake acquired a Sky Flyer, but it may be because Specter somehow copied the Professor's plans for it.
  • In the original version of this level and Stadium Attack, Jake's quotes at the end are "You're pretty good, but it's not over yet!" if he wins, and "I'll go up against you anytime you want!" if Spike wins. This is an error, as both quotes are supposed to be reversed.
  • The names "Stadium," "Gladiator," and "Chariot" are references to the ancient Roman Gladiator games. The word "stadium" by definition implies that the arena is being watched by spectators, although none are visible in the level. It does not become clear until Chariot Attack that Spike and Jake are being watched.
  • Stadium and Gladiator Attack both take place in Dimension X (aka "Dimension"), the same location as the final level of the game, Peak Point Matrix. The exact nature of Dimension X, who built the obstacle courses, and how Jake is able to coordinate with Spike in order to meet, is never explained.


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