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Fantasy Knight is the first morph Kei or Yumi can acquire in Ape Escape 3. It is available at the start of Saru-mon's Castle/Knight's Castle.


This morphs basic attack is a hefty swing of the players weapon. This attack is more powerful than that of the regular Stun Club and can knock monkeys out when hit. By rotating the right analogue stick, the protagonist will swing their weapon around in the air. When released, the player will slam their weapon to the ground creating a powerful shock wave that can hurt multiple enemies and monkeys in close proximity.

The Fantasy Knights is equipped with a special shield for Kei and a magical shield for Yumi. In this form, the player can use a shield to block attacks from the front, whether that be enemies or monkeys. It can also be used to block fire. The player does not need to press any button to block, as the shield is always active. That is unless the player attacks in which they will be vulnerable while using it. Note that it only blocks the players front, so attacks from behind or fall damage will still hurt the player.

By pressing R3, the Fantasy Knight will create a large magical field under their feet that will capture any monkey within it. This ability can also be used in mid-air. The field starts at the players feet and expands outwards, until it reaches its maximum size and disappears.


Kei gains a red and black outfit with tan-brown accents, worn underneath a long blue flowing coat of arms that covers his front and back. His neck, arms, and shoes are covered with armor, and he gains an armored helmet with a red tuft on top and his goggles which sit on top of the helmet. His shield is colored red and has symbol of white side wards facing dog. Underneath is the name 'White Dogs', which is presumably his baseball club.In this form, Kei's weapon becomes a larger Stun Club, reminiscent of a medieval lance.

Yumi's hair becomes a bright mauve color and is worn in two low, long braids held by gold bands. She wears a purple top and pair of black pants underneath a white and lilac themed jacket with a pair of black gloves. At the neck and bottom of the jacket is gold material with reddish-pink gems, and matching material on the ends of each sleeve but with emeralds. She also wears a pair of purple shoes with red gems on the tongue, a purple witch hat with red tuft on the side, and a pair of pink crescent moon earrings. In this form, Yumi's weapon becomes a magical wand with a giant ruby gem on top.



  • The large three in roman numerals on Kei's Fantasy Knight form is a reference to this being the third Ape Escape game.